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September Fools!!!Entry for September 28, 2008

yeah remember when I said i was going to post some epic writing yesterday? that apparently was a joke cause i never got around to it. i really thought about it for a long time but couldn’t find a starting point so i did some writing at one of my other sites. i then laid in bed and fell asleep about 5 minutes into a movie. it was great. i spent a good 2 or so hours reading today and it was so enjoyable!!!! man, i’ve been stuck on this book for a few months and i finally finished it this morning after a really labored effort. now i’m writing oil on the brain which is much easier to read. that’s evident as i’ve already read about 1/7 of it. so yeah, i’m stoked to be reading new material. i imagine i’ll fly through this one and get crackin on the next one in the next week.

tonight we’re drinking strictly liquor and watching snakes on a plane. the movie is about to start so i’ve got to go! vodka mixed drinks all night! woot.

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Please Stand by

I was thinking this afternoon about a little ditty I wanted to write about. Just internal struggles of life kind of things, you know. But I don’t have the time tonight to devote to the topic that it deserves. So tomorrow I will do it. I’m for serious.

I write three words down on here and look out the window because people will be arriving momentarily. And now Tera is here reading what I’m writing because she just walked in the door. It’s officially growler hour here. Growlers have been cracked and the school spirit (that’s the theme) is overflowing the house. And by overflowing, I mean I’m the only one wearing some school spirit stuff. Time to get the party going. Kanye’s new single “Love Lockdown” is blastin and doin pretty hood.

ok and that picture is from the Grand Lodge last year. Till tomorrow! Peace.

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the fun never ends

another busy week here in bend! i feel like i’m losing my mind because i can’t remember what i have planned for what days and i refuse to write it down. so i am saying hi and going to bed to maybe gain a little bit of sanity for tomorrow. we attended locals night at the dayshoots last night and that can sometimes lead to trouble. last night, luckily, it only resulted in a supreme lack of sleep for me. i’m extra drained. so saturday is my official recoop day. i have nothing planned and it’s going to stay that way. no no, i take it back. i do have something planned. i’m going to go through my pile of “important papers to be sorted” from the last 6 months and put them away because the pile can not gain any more vertical height.

well, i’m off to bed. sorry this is boring but i’m mostly brain dead. cheers!

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Quick check in

I’m back from Seattle. It’s late and I need some sleep so as not to be a complete zombie tomorrow during work. This weekend was really nice up in Seattle. The CLT test I think went really well and I’m hoping to be a double CLT in the next couple weeks. There were no major screw ups on my part. Well, besides not dropping the blades on my first pass with the riding mower and almost mowing without gloves with the mid mower. I think both were pretty minor infractions and shouldn’t keep me from being certified. Chris also did a really good job except for knowing how to adjust Hunter rotor heads. He’ll be retaking that for sure, but I bet he passed all the other sections.

Seattle was good. We didn’t get too much time to bum around but the time we had was nice. I hope to be able to make a trip up there sometime soon again. Maybe flying next time.

Yeah, it’s late and I’m off to bed. Toodles.

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off to wa

Although I worked 4 days this week it feels like it was 2 weeks (especially today). So I am looking forward to a 3 day weekend (if you call taking landscaping tests on a Saturday as time off). So tomorrow morning up to Washington Chris and I go! If you’re in the Seattle-Tacoma area this weekend, please be aware that we’ll be roaming the streets causing mayhem.

The test itself should be a good time. It takes place in Lakewood which is just south of Tacoma. We’ll be staying in Tacoma on Friday night. I feel really confident about the test, although I don’t know if that is good or bad. Talk to me Saturday afternoon to find out the answer to that. There’s a possibility I will be dragging this beast of a laptop up to Seattle with me, but I have yet to decide. So a blog update is possible this weekend although unlikely.

Saturday night we’ll be in Seattle. There will be much mayhem of course. Well, it’s 10 PM and I need to pack a few more things and get to bed. My sleep has been very awkward for the past week, so I’d like to get a good nights rest at least once this week. Alright kids, have a great weekend. talk to you real soon now.

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ready for some seatac action

It’s a short work week for me again as Chris and I make a journey to the great corner state of Washington on Friday. Today Frank and I worked really hard and got a lot of crappy work out of the way, meaning less work we’ll be doing in October during cleanups. I crafted a crazy and crappy looking arctic willow into a real work of art today. Too bad my camera was not handy. Perhaps next week I can get a picture. That was my main bit of excitement for the day besides replacing a rotor. I lead an exciting life, you don’t have to tell me.

I want to make sure you’re all going to tune into the ASU v. Georgia game on Saturday. ASU looks set to upset the number 3 team in the nation. The Sun Devils WILL rebound from their unbelieveable loss to UNLV this past weekend. I checked on the score of that game in the first and third quarter. The Devils looked like they had control and then when I saw the ESPN scrolly bar later on that night I was shocked to see that ASU lost. Tragic really. So if you need me Saturday night, I’ll be sitting in a sports bar in Seattle cheering on the Sun Devils as best I can.

Alright, I’m le tired. A 11 hour work day will do that to a person. Peace out people!

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Rough days

I had a really hard day today. Filled with sleeping, watching a couple of movies and making food to eat. I don’t know how I keep up really. And tonight I’ll be heading over to my cat sitting job and probably utilizing the hot tub that is on the premises. Yeah, everyone was out of the house today except for me and Piccadilly, so we took advantage of it. I watched Nashville, which I didn’t like that much because it was so disconnected and then I watched Sophie’s Choice. Sophie’s Choice was excellent and Meryl Streep was insanely good as Sophie. Both Nashville and Sophie’s Choice are on the Top 100 movie count, so it was good to get two done in one day. I still have another 5 or so movies recorded of TCM to get to at some point. That list will probably grow as time goes on as well.

Aight well I have some serious hot tubbing bidness to attend to. Have a good weekend everyone and go Devils!

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Working for the weekend

It’s Thursday which means it’s almost weekend time! Actually today I took a personal day so I could get these Doctor appointments for my foot all done with in one day and attend to some other bidness as well. It was a quiet day filled with lots of driving to the Eastside. I should have some sweet inserts for my foot in a week or so, which I hope will help my foot numbness. I also got a new serpentine belt for my car!!!! Woot. No more worrying about blowing up my car anymore. Senior year of college my serpentine belt on sparky died and it was not a cheap fix as it messed up a bunch of other things as well. For some reason, my Escort and Sparky seem to have the same exact problems. Kind of weird, but at least I know how to get the problems resolved.

Any who, I will be house sitting this weekend here in Bend at a really sweet house. It should be mega relaxing and I plan on hiding out there for most of Friday and Saturday, recharging after a long week. Then next week off to Seattle for the CLT test. I think the next 2 months are really going to fly by. Before I know it, I’ll be collecting unemployment and traveling a bit.

So yeah. That’s it from Bend. Let me know how you’re all doing out in internet land. Peace!

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Musical Suggestion

I guess technically according to Colleen rules of blogging, this should be going under the writings section, but I’m bypassing that. That seems like an awful lot of HTML type stuff to do. So here I am. My musical Suggestion is Cold War Kids. We saw them open up for Beck a few weeks ago during his show in Bend. They were totally rocking it. The lead singer has a great, interesting voice with a lot of passion behind it. After the show Tera bought their CD “Robbers & Cowards.” It’s been on heavy rotation in her car ever since. My faves off the album are “Hospital Beds,” “Robbers,” and “We Used to Vacation.” Their single you may have possibly heard on the radio (it has been pretty big here for quite a while) is “Hang Me Up to Dry,” which is also another good one. The songs are simple but great. And the main choruses are good for singing really loudly and making people uncomfortable.

So if you get a chance, check it out.

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hairs cut

Don’t know if you all were aware, but I cut my hair off. And I know you can’t tell from this picture, but I did. It’s totally sweet. With the cut, I think I’m looking more like sIRK, my sister. I’m alright with it because she’s GORGEOUS! Maybe someday soon I will post a semi normal looking picture of my new cut.

It’s 11 and Piccadilly is beckoning me to the bedroom. She actually just came up and tapped me on the shoulder. That’s pretty serious. Ok ttyl.

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