Quick check in

I’m back from Seattle. It’s late and I need some sleep so as not to be a complete zombie tomorrow during work. This weekend was really nice up in Seattle. The CLT test I think went really well and I’m hoping to be a double CLT in the next couple weeks. There were no major screw ups on my part. Well, besides not dropping the blades on my first pass with the riding mower and almost mowing without gloves with the mid mower. I think both were pretty minor infractions and shouldn’t keep me from being certified. Chris also did a really good job except for knowing how to adjust Hunter rotor heads. He’ll be retaking that for sure, but I bet he passed all the other sections.

Seattle was good. We didn’t get too much time to bum around but the time we had was nice. I hope to be able to make a trip up there sometime soon again. Maybe flying next time.

Yeah, it’s late and I’m off to bed. Toodles.

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