ready for some seatac action

It’s a short work week for me again as Chris and I make a journey to the great corner state of Washington on Friday. Today Frank and I worked really hard and got a lot of crappy work out of the way, meaning less work we’ll be doing in October during cleanups. I crafted a crazy and crappy looking arctic willow into a real work of art today. Too bad my camera was not handy. Perhaps next week I can get a picture. That was my main bit of excitement for the day besides replacing a rotor. I lead an exciting life, you don’t have to tell me.

I want to make sure you’re all going to tune into the ASU v. Georgia game on Saturday. ASU looks set to upset the number 3 team in the nation. The Sun Devils WILL rebound from their unbelieveable loss to UNLV this past weekend. I checked on the score of that game in the first and third quarter. The Devils looked like they had control and then when I saw the ESPN scrolly bar later on that night I was shocked to see that ASU lost. Tragic really. So if you need me Saturday night, I’ll be sitting in a sports bar in Seattle cheering on the Sun Devils as best I can.

Alright, I’m le tired. A 11 hour work day will do that to a person. Peace out people!

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