Working for the weekend

It’s Thursday which means it’s almost weekend time! Actually today I took a personal day so I could get these Doctor appointments for my foot all done with in one day and attend to some other bidness as well. It was a quiet day filled with lots of driving to the Eastside. I should have some sweet inserts for my foot in a week or so, which I hope will help my foot numbness. I also got a new serpentine belt for my car!!!! Woot. No more worrying about blowing up my car anymore. Senior year of college my serpentine belt on sparky died and it was not a cheap fix as it messed up a bunch of other things as well. For some reason, my Escort and Sparky seem to have the same exact problems. Kind of weird, but at least I know how to get the problems resolved.

Any who, I will be house sitting this weekend here in Bend at a really sweet house. It should be mega relaxing and I plan on hiding out there for most of Friday and Saturday, recharging after a long week. Then next week off to Seattle for the CLT test. I think the next 2 months are really going to fly by. Before I know it, I’ll be collecting unemployment and traveling a bit.

So yeah. That’s it from Bend. Let me know how you’re all doing out in internet land. Peace!

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