Free at last. Free at last.

I’d like to report that my time being a normal worker has now concluded for the year 2008.  It’s now time to be unemployed, a vacationer and a snowplower.  This was a good year of maintenance.  It went by much quicker than ever before.  It feels as if the year had just begun and it’s all done.  The leaves are raked.  The bushes have been pruned.  And the snow birds have all flown south for the winter.  I’m hoping this snow season is manageable rather than overwealming .

Any who,  off to vacationland come Sunday.  The more I figure out what I’ll be doing with my time off, the more excited I get about the trip.  First will be a few days in DC.  Then down to Virginia to see Drea.  Then NYC for Thanksgiving and good times with fam and friends.  Then to Chicago for more good times with fam and friends.  All intermediate travel will be completed by train.  I’m looking forward to some long hours on the train where I can read, write and think while enjoying the scenery of the United States.  Not a bad way to spend a few weeks in my opinion.  Well, for some reason I’m very tired tonight even though it is only 8:30.  I think the maintenance season has caught up with me and has really knocked me out.  I hope to be able to update while on the road.  I imagine I’ll get some internet access here and there.  Peace out children.

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