Well it’s been a long day……

Actually it’s been a pretty long week. I did in fact manage to squeeze in 40 hours of work this week and they were long hours in the shop, doing maintenance on the mowers. Ugh. I’m glad they are finished. Next week we’ll actually start doing the real stuff. LIke with the pine needles and the buckets. Yey. I’m exhausted though. With Ben in town for the last few weeks, we’ve been very busy entertaining him and showing him the beautiful sights of Bend. I haven’t had much time to myself to unwind and recoop from all the traveling and shenanigans. So this weekend is dedicated to recooperation and only minor shenangians.
This week I did my first geocaching! Christopher introduced me to it and we went out hunting 2 days. The first night I didn’t find anything that we were looking for, Christ found it all. Last night we went out and I found everything (4 out of 5 but actually Chris put us in the wrong place to find the 5th thing, so that’s not my fault). It’s crazy fun and I’ll be doing a lot of this summer I’m sure. It’ll be a fun thing to be involved in when traveling around the world. We can bring the travel bugs and various items all over. I can not wait.
So to be a party pooper, I’m heading off to bed. Not to sleep at 8:50 PM but to go read, something I haven’t been doing much of lately. Too busy living and working. I hope to update tomorrow. This week I’ve been writing in my journal at night. Happy weekend, kids. Spring is almost here……

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