Summertime in the city

tera and i (and crew) had a GREAT bend day today. the weather was scheduled to be super hot and it did not disappoint. i woke up early, ate breakfast on the front porch, read the paper. then mowed the lawn (the lawn mower is no longer suffering from water in the engine after my air filter washing debacle), because it was in reseeding mode and it was embarrassing to work for a landscaping company and come home. deschutes is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this weekend so we headed down to the brewery and went on a free beer rampage with our friends bryan and matt. it was super fun. moon mountain ramblers were in the house jamming away so we were forced to get our jiggy dance on to them. we decided it was too hot out and that we needed to jump in the river after all the dancing and free food and beer consumption. it was the first time to jump off columbia street foot bridge for me. i was mega nervous as i’m not one for jumping, but i did it. fully clothed. off the bridge. yey. came home for a change of clothes and a beer, then went down to some kpov celebration which involved square dancing and face/body painting and hoola hooping (which i didn’t get to do. le sad). so fun. then we just had some people over with fireworks and we’ll be sleeping outside tonight under the stars and heat lightning. i can’t imagine tomorrow being much better, but we’ll try.

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