sweet concert night

We’ve just returned not long ago from the Beck concert. It was really fun. He played quite a few radio hits, so the crowd was really into it. Many of the arrangements for the songs were different from what you would hear on the CD, so that was pretty nice. The best part is when the musicians all left their formal instruments and came up to the front of the stage and played some crazy hand held music/beat machine/casio keyboards and just wooped it up with Beck over top of them rapping. The whole crowd was getting down. Just a real fun concert. When we were biking out, Beck’s band members were showering the passers by with various pieces of food. I was lucky enough to snag a clif bar and an orange. Some other people only got a Zucchini and a bell pepper. Kind of weird.

It was another fun weekend. We went to Deschutes last night to listen to WIlco play. We were blessed again with the Summer of Magical Beer. Really sweet. It was the first time a bunch of us got to hang out together in quite a while. We’re all just coming to the realization that it’s been a long time since we did anything all together. So I imagine now that we’re getting into the Fall we’ll have more get togethers. Something about it being cold and drinking beer just seems to go together here. That’s about it.

Time to get to bed. Another week of work awaits……

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