Pretty kitty and Tennis

I’m fairly certain I have yet to post the above picture. Piccadilly is so adorable with her glowing green eyes and her slightly open mouth. She’s the most photogenic cat I’ve ever had. We’ll all be hoping for more classic moments like this in the next 15 years or so. Maybe when she’s old she’ll let me pick her up and pet her, but the way things are going, probably not.

Any who, the Olympics have finished. They were fun. We still haven’t watched the closing ceremonies. I figure we’ll get to those next week. Because this week is filled with more sport. This time exclusively tennis. Tennis in NYC. Yey, the US Open has arrived! Already, I’ve seen a few good matches and it’s only Tuesday. My eyes will be glued to the television for the next week and a half for sure. Good news: Lindsay Davenport is playing and she already won her first round match. We’re hoping she’ll make it pretty far in the tournament. She’s 32 now, but still playing some great tennis. Last night we watched the James Blake and Donald Young match, which was an unbelievable first rounder. Went to 5 sets with Blake finally coming out on top, but Young was really exciting to watch. He’s only 19 and looks like he’ll be having quite a career in the future. Yeah, so if you like tennis, don’t forget to turn on USA for some entertainment. I’m really happy to say that it’s only 9:30 as I write this, so I may actually get to bed at a decent hour tonight instead of my usual 10:45-11:30 range. It will be weird to wake up not extremely sleepy.

Well, I hope you all have a good week. Be back on here soon.

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One thought on “Pretty kitty and Tennis

  1. Anonymous

    I think you just wanted to write Davenport……. you don’t really care about Linds.

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