I feel fat watching the Olympics

Bascially I’ve been watching the Olympics non stop for the last 11 hours with Tera. And we’ve run the gamut of events. We started off today watching Women’s Football, moved on to rowing, trampoline, badminton, men’s volleyball, swimming, diving. You get the idea. It’s been awesome. But at the same time I had an eating party all day long and it’s been fun. The only major thing I did besides sit on the couch was get the lawn mowed. Oh and it’s 90 something degrees out. We were planning on visiting the Bend Brew Fest again today, but I think we were kind of brew fested out after last nights festivities. And it’s not really that much fun to stand around in almost 100 degrees dehydrating yourself with beer. It’s better to stay inside and see people compete for shiny round pieces of metal.

So I’ll continue to sit here till I get tired. Watching the Olympics. With Tera. Come over if you’d like.

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