You know how people have a case of the Mondays. I don’t get that. I get a case of the Thursdays. Thursday, a much more dangerous and menacing day of the week filled with tragedy, agony, tears, mourning, frustration, and an overall loss of production. The Thursday curse goes back a few years (it may go back further but I only began tracking it a couple years ago) when the only day equipment would break or people would be sick would be Thursday, directly effing up my day and making me work way too long of hours and making morale drop to very low levels. This pattern has continued quite regularly to the present day.

So by now you may have noticed tomorrow is Thursday. This being a fact, it is also factual to say tomorrow will suck for me. I knew at 7:30 AM today that Thursday will for sure suck. Supremely suck. And now the moral dilemma. Knowing that tomorrow will be miserable, do I perform a Houdini act and disappear? Or do I get over myself and go to work. Hmm.

I’ve been reading some old writings I did from back in college and again they make me question my life and motives and desires. What am I doing? How do I go ahead with where I want to be? Am I getting in that mind rut again or is this something different?

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