The beat goes on

Back to the grind today. This time, in the rain and lightning. I didn’t mind the rain as it was quite sporadic and a welcomed break from the 100ish degrees we’ve had over the last few days. This week we’re headed to the 70s and 80s for highs, which is much more mineable for work .

I was just thinking I should start studying for the next section of the CLT as the test is a month away. I made the mistake of mentioning my failing of the chainsaw part of the CLT test to my boss who has now gone overboard, bombarding poor little old me with too much information on chainsaws. All I need to do to pass is put the safety break thing on and I’m golden. Sooo this over the top training is going to get real effing annoying. Nevermind. It already is.

Oh. Tera and I decided to make inspiration boards, so we can be…errr…inspired. Tera hasn’t yet gotten her cork board but I purchased mine yesterday. I’ve got three pieces up already and I’m basically ready to take on the world. Everyone will have to come over and check it out.

Well, I want to go to bed. Last night was REALLY late and I need to catch up on some much needed beauty rest. Peace.

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