No luck

Yup sorry. Once again I have failed to get a post up directly after work. It really just seems so unappealing. I don’t want to think. I want to sit on the couch and watch the Olympics. So, that’s what I do. No writing. Unlucky for you really. But I’m looking around searching for some inspiration. Maybe I should just pack it up and go to my journal and do some writing. It’s interesting how I differentiate between the various writing locations. In my journal (not a diary) I fill the pages with details of the day. Specifics. Things you, my loyal reader, may not be interested in. So I keep it to myself. I’m much more likely to go back to my journal and reread entries more than I am here. Screw it. I’m making this journal style:

Thursday August 21st 2008 10:20 PM Living room

Another day here. It was a Thursday, so of course it was a long, ridiculous day. The part holding us up today was Craig’s hedging. We got stuck there for 3 hours. Bill came and helped hedged, but did he get me the 3rd person I asked for? No, of course not. So it took us forever to rake up all the clippings of the 20 mega huge shrubs we cut back. Oh well. OT I guess. The rest of the day was pretty uninteresting. I managed a 10 1/2 hour work day. More money for the winter. More money for trips. (it’s really hard to think of what I would write next as I am typing much quicker obviously than I would be able to write) Tomorrow is the Springtime softball game vs. KSM and I’m going to give my softball skills a go. I don’t know if it will work out in Springtime’s favor, but I’ll try. We lose just about any year any ways, so I can’t be much worse than we already are. Alright, well Piccadilly is signaling that it is time for me to head to bed, so I should be off. Cheers. Colleen

Yeah, so they go something like that. Really fascinating I know. Try to control yourselves. Don’t flood my inbox with emails saying how amazed you are with my daily life. I already know it’s great.

Alright, for reals this time. I’m peacing out. Peace out.

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