I know this weekend is the end of summer, but does it have to be 60 already? Dag! It’s chilly here in Bend and I’d much appreciate the low 80s to return to us asap. Thanks

Kelly is here! She made it to Bend late last night. Despite going to bed at midnight, we were up and at it around 6:30 this morning, even at the Vic eating by 7:30. Incredible really. We’ve been going ever since, touring the downtown, cycling through Old Mill. A very nice day, even though it’s a bit cold. We’re about to head out to La Rosa for some dinner and margaritas. It’s kind of an old tradition with us to take in some mexican food and drink.

Tomorrow there are no definitive plans. We were interested in going up on the ski lift at Bachelor, but it’s only supposed to reach the lower 60s for highs here in town. That means 40s up on the mountain and that is not worth the $15 lift ticket for 30 minutes of sight seeing. I’ll attempt to make different arrangements for that.

Monday Kelly heads back to Chicago and STP roll into town for a concert. I imagine I’ll be listening in from the Deschutes greens, enjoying the night with friends. I’m so grateful that it is a 3 day weekend. Work has been a little grating lately, filled with monotony and awkwardness. It’s that time of year where everyone’s just waiting for the season to end. So Labor day is a welcome reprieve.

Alright, it looks like Kelly is ready to hit the road. I shall get ready now! Cheers. Happy Labor day everyone!

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