Hello friends.  Colleen here from Mombasa, the largest port in East Africa.  I arrived yesterday morning after a 15 hour overnight train ride from Nairobi.  It was pretty amazing to wake up at 6:30 in the morning and look out across Tsavo National Park.  Sadly, I saw no wildlife except for a couple of monkeys and baboons when we got closer to Mombasa.

Mombasa is a heavily Islamic city and I thought it would be more of a culture shock coming from Nairobi but it wasn’t too bad.  The heat here is unbelievable.  It’s been about 90 something with unmatched humidity.  And I don’t see anyone sweating nearly as much as me.  I soaked my shirt through with sweat many times yesterday.  Right now I’m looking at three woman in full black gowns and head wraps and I see no sweat on them.  I must be missing a trick to not sweating.

Any ways, I spent yesterday wandering around Mombasa for a bit.  I got to see the Indian Ocean and stand in the shade of some ancient baobab trees.  The presence of baobab trees in Africa usually means there has been a human settlement there for a long time.  No doubt Mombasa is.  It’s actually an island in the middle of an estuary.  I’m not staying on the island.  I’m staying at  huge villa just a bit north in an area called Nyali.  It’s a 10/- ($.08) ride to the beach from my hostel in a Matatu.  Pretty nice.  Last night a bunch of us went to a “full moon” party on the beach.  I don’t believe it was a full moon last night as it didn’t look nearly as big as the moon did on the train.    It didn’t stop me from enjoying a couple Tuskers, dancing like an idiot by myself on the dace floor and enjoying the evening.  It was very enjoyable.

Today I think I will take it easy and stay close to the hostel.  The blister on my right foot is destroying my life.  Well, it’s not even a blister any more.  It’s more of just an open sore.  It is very painful.  Even more painful when an ant decided to start biting it this morning.  It just keeps oozing.    I may finally have to break down and get some serious first aid going on it to get it back to a state where I can deal with it.

Will probably try to visit some ancient Swahili ruins farther up the coast tomorrow and Tuesday.  Pretty sure I’ve decided to focus only on Nairobi for my research, so I will need to go back there and talk to a few more people before I leave next Monday.

Ok, ttyl my friends!

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2 thoughts on “Mombasa

  1. sIRK

    Keep your open wound clean and covered! Do not step barefoot anywhere. You’ll get some rare African infection. You enjoy life.

    • Colleen O'Sullivan

      Hmmm. I have not kept it clean nor covered in the last 2 days.
      I did however clean both of them out with peroxide and put vaseline on them for a couple days (it was the best i could do here in Kenya) But I’ve been walking barefoot all over questionable places. Both are doing better though and I can pretty much walk normally.

      You would be appalled by their state as I type this. I’m hoping that my immune system can keep up though and stave off anything weird from getting inside.

      You care a lot for your siblings.

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