Back to the grind


Beach Bar!


Well, after a great end of the trip in Kenya, I’m back in Lancashire.  It’s a far cry from the mostly awesome weather I experienced while in Kenya.  Give it a couple months and England might have a sporting chance to meet the perfection of temperature that Nairobi had the last few days I was there.

The trip was a success for my research for sure.  I think I know exactly what I’ll be tackling in the next 6 months.  And what I’ll be producing might be useful for other people too.  That would be pretty amazing to contribute to the success of UF in Kenya.  And besides the research, the vacation part was awesome as well.  So many lovely people I got to get to know from all over the world.  I got to share some great experiences with them.  Like dancing in Karen (Que pasa mzungus?).  Some of them I hope to see again this summer.  And I did much to keep Tusker lager in production while there.  Tusker is officially my favorite lager.  It’s perfection really.

So back to school.  I should have gone to the library tonight.  This is not going to happen.  My body has chosen to stay on Kenya time (GMT +3) and I don’t think I’ll be able to stay awake much longer (it’s 7:45PM).  My body decided that 5:15 AM was a good time to get up today and I couldn’t really fight it.

Any who,  I’ve got to get back to reading about trees in various respects.  And yawning as much as possible.  The yawning is not the tree’s fault. Nighty night.

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