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Thanks for stopping by

Welcome.  You came here to find out some information about a Yankee trying to permanently relocate to London.  That’s obvious.  But the sad news (for you and me both) at the moment is that I have no access to my files/photos/writings due to an ill timed demise of my Apple laptop.  So until I figure out which corrective measure I am going to take, this page will be lacking regular updates.  I hope no one out there is too offended or got their hopes up too much.

Any ways, in regards to this website…  If you’re curious as to what will make up the content of this website I can explain a little bit of that.  I’m planning to make this a blog about both my journey to get to London in January of 2010 and also some usable information that you may be put to use if you are in London or are planning a visit.  For example: tips on what parks to visit, museums to check out, events happening, or interesting news stories.   That’s where I’m starting from looking for expansion beyond that once I get my feet planted.  I’m hoping someone out there gets some joy out of checking this website out.  If not, that’s cool too.  I’ll still live in a fantasy world thinking thousands millions read my website everyday and cling onto every word I write.

Cheers my good people.

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