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Ash Wednesday

Mess fest

Last night I tried to motivate to put away my laundry by dumping my laundry basket full of clothes onto my bed.  Inevitably I ended up putting all the clothes back into my basket, tossing it on the floor and getting into bed.  No motivation.  Feeling bla.

But this morning was a new day.  Today was Ash Wednesday, the start of the Lenten season.  I got up this morning and even before I had breakfast (I know, I’m not supposed to really be eating today, but so far that’s all I’ve eaten) I put away my laundry, dusted, swept and tidied my room (a pretty deep clean I must say).  If felt pretty good to do so.  It was kind of setting a clean slate for the next 40 days so I can be more focused and calm.  When your house is a mess and unruly (ok my desk is still in bad shape), it’s difficult to find the peace that’s needed to stay sane these days.

After the cleaning I got out my Daily Meditations booklet for Lent and read the first meditation for the season.  Then I went to Mass.  This Lent, I’m going to Church every week and every holy day in order to get back in tune with my religion and spirituality.  I won’t be giving up anything besides my time to give to God and Jesus.  Today was a good start.  Piccadilly is also happy as most of my cleaning focused on her cat area of my bedroom.  It had gotten out of control.  

Everything is clean and I’m ready to enjoy walking into my room again and not wishing I had a magic wand to clean it all.

What is everyone out there giving up for lent?  Any thing exciting?

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