2014: Pushing forward

Happy New Year to you all. I hope the celebrations of the past 8 days has not left you in a deteriorated state today. Me, I woke up feeling hot. Super hot. At 12:30AM as my childhood bedroom was literally like a furnace. It makes it nearly impossible for me to sleep. Eventually I got a few hours of shut eye. I have to say, I’m much happier to have woken up in a much different situation than I did last year. Plus I wasn’t hung over. All my new years plans went to shit (not happy about it) and I ended up falling asleep in my bed watching Skyfall at about 10PM. I suppose that is life at 31.

So I’ve just re-read my new year’s resolutions for 2013 to see if I did any of them. I set 3. Amount accomplished: 0. Pretty good going. I did try on all of them. The final tallies on the side of the page aren’t quite right. I ran 17 times. I played tennis 24 times. And I read 3 Russian novels, including Crime and Punishment! So although I didn’t complete resolutions, I gave it a good try (except maybe the running bit).

My main intent in 2013 of overcoming some social anxiety did happen actually. I got some help and things are a wee bit better in life after a pretty rough April, May and June. Now that I’ve got some permanency with work and life I can settle in a bit and breathe. Hopefully things will continue to be bright in 2014.

As for new year’s resolutions for 2014. I’ve been toying with a few and they are below.

1. One evening  weekday every week with no electronics. (kitchen electronics and lights excluded) No phone, no computer, no music. Most likely I’ll cook or go to the pub. It is entirely possible  though some of those nights I could read or write or exercise. Imagine! What will happen to the world when I unplug? Will it continue?????

2. Read 30 books. I’ve officially declared this on goodreads, so it must be true. It will either be easier as I’ll be back in school or just about impossible to squeeze in extra reading. Time will tell!

3. Run 50 times. I’m giving this one another go. As I’m doing this stupid race in May, I’ll have to seriously get to running when I get back to England. I’d run now, but I’m having a bit of pain in my foot which I don’t like. So I’ll rest it for a few more days. It is starting to feel better (likely due to wearing Karlie’s boot  for 3 hours).

4. Write more! Write more! Write more! I always feel better after it. Pen and paper are the greatest inventions ever. Need to get back into the groove.

Overall I want a simpler existence. Living in London, life is fast and technologically obsessed. Does it make it better? Not really. So I will concentrate on having better, richer experiences. Enjoying life again with friends and family alike when I can. And I don’t want to spin my wheels working on relationships that aren’t ever going to grow. Life is too short and I want to make sure I’m living it. I don’t want to be dwelling on the negative or things I have no control over.

So I think that’s it. I need to do a best of 2013 post still. I have a nice list, but no time at present to do it. I have three more days here in the US and then I’m back in London. And of course I’ve left most things until the last minute to do before I leave.

It’s time to get ready for this new year’s party with the step family. And by get ready, I mean have a beer. It’s basically noon any ways. Take care all and happy 2014!

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gettin there

Totally just did 15 push ups (more military style) while Piccadilly coached me.   I can tell I’m a lot stronger than I was when I started this resolution.  Pretty sweet.  Can everyone tell how much beefier I am in my photos?  No, I didn’t think so.

Oh well.  Only 10 more to tack on and I can declare victory on my resolution………

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Any greener?

Oak leaves and dandelions

I don’t know if it’s because I am living in England or if it’s due to me not doing landscape maintenance this year, but I am enjoying all that spring has to offer in 2011.  It’s been spectacular to see the progression of Spring.  With all the little flowers on trees like sycamores, which you don’t really notice unless you’re looking for them.  And now this week to finally get the Oaks to push out some greenery is fantastic.  Yeah, I think it’s me not working in landscaping anymore which has brought this out.  Not having to worry about greening and watering turf has got my eyes turned up rather than down.

I’m just puttering along here in P-town.  I’ve got a week and a half to get two more essays done for my classes.  Nothing pleases me more than knowing I’ve survived a big portion of the MSc without catastrophe.  Now I’m nervously attempting to procure some sort of decent employment.  The job market certainly is not good in 2011, especially in the arboricultural field here in the UK.  Many tree officers are losing their jobs which means the pool of people looking for tree work is a lot more full than it has been in years past.  But I have applied for a couple jobs that I am quite excited about, so we’ll hope for the best.  Some in surprising locations and some in surprisingly different fields!

I think my push up resolution has hit a bit of a hiccup.  I was looking at how to do pushups online last week.  And a military push up (which I believe is the standard push up technique) is not what I was doing.  So I tried the military style ones and they are LOADS harder.  So I kind of feel like I’m back to square one with pushups.  I have also diversified my exercises a bit too, hoping for more strength in both the upper and lower body.  I hope to start building up my push up count again soon.

Besides exercising, writing and job applying, I have not much else to report from here.  Just looking forward to the end of next week when I get to celebrate the Royal Wedding in London.  Oh, I just purchased a new digital camera today (thanks Mom!).  My other one was suffering some issues with leaving spots on my pictures.  I can’t stand it anymore.  So, that should arrive just in time for the wedding.  My current camera had a good, long run and I think I got a lot of use out of it.  It has ended up taking more than 10,000+ in the last 4 1/2 years.  Pretty outstanding.

That’s it.  I promised myself I’d start writing at noon and it’s about the witching hour.  I must mentally prepare myself.  Have a good week everyone!

Song:  Dave Matthews Band “Kit Kat Jam.”  You may think I’m moving rather slowly through my itunes list.  Well, that’s partially true.  But I figured out 1/3 of my music collection is within the first 4 letters of the alphabet.  So, I’m getting somewhere! 2/3 through DMB, which is quite an accomplishment.

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Thank you weather gods!


I’m trying to type this post out through my coughing.  I just ran about a mile around the park and apparently that was too much for my lungs.  It loosened up something in the old wind bags!  Yikes.  I wanted to run longer but my right knee started feeling a little off, so I stopped running.  Bugger as I wanted to run 3-4 miles today.

Oh well.  None the less, it is gorgeous out today!  I foresee myself sitting outside working on my essay this afternoon.  Perhaps with an adult beverage in tow.  This whole weekend is supposed to be outstanding for weather here in the UK.  Tomorrow is the Fulham v. Man U game and it is supposed to be hovering around 70 and totally sunny here in the Northwest.  Spring is in full force!!!  Yey!  I was scheduled to ride my bike to Manchester tomorrow for the game, but I was getting hesitant as I didn’t want to miss the game in case something went wrong on my bike.  But now that I know the weather is going to be amazing and that I’ll be going through a lot of towns on the way, I think I’ll pedal down as planned.  Should be well worth it in the nice weather.  And I get to cheat and take the train back.

A quick new years resolution update:  I did 12 regular type push ups the other night.  I’m halfway to my goal!  I am also 3 assignments away from finishing my coursework for my MSc.  My reading of the 10 BBC books is going no where fast!  I think giving love to the world is going pretty well.  I think the love is picking up too. I might even be getting some back.  So that’s neat.  🙂

And as for my nails? Well….yeah, I’m failing on that.  But with a wedding coming up at the end of May, I’m planning on not biting my nails starting May 1st for that.  Hopefully they will look kind of ok for the wedding with 3 1/2 weeks of no biting.

Ok, I need to get cracking on some stuff for the day.  Looking forward to tomorrow in Manchester!  Go Cottagers!   Have a great weekend everyone.

Current song:  Citizen Cope  “All Dressed Up”

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crunch time

I think I’ve done 2 sets of 30 girl push ups today.  And I’ve definitely just done 2 sets of 10 regular pushups!  Booyah

A good day continuing to get better.  🙂

Current iTunes song:  Bob Marley “No Woman No Cry”

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I just did 5 full push ups.  And I’m up to 25-30 set (depending on my mood) girl push ups.  This is remarkable advancement.  It’s actually palpable, or noticeable how they are getting easier and easier to do.  I love it.

This is amazing considering how much these usually hurt and how much I hated doing them in general.  Just a year ago.  Both mental and physical victories!

If I can progress with this fast enough, I may add an addition resolution onto this which involves doing a handstand.  I’ve never been able to do a handstand.  And I was more partial to doing a headstand.  I really excelled there.  No better time to learn to do a handstand than now.

I guess I have a new found appreciation to overcoming physical barriers.  Wonder what I’ll want to do next year……

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Push up city

Just following up on my push up success of the other night.   I did 2 sets of 3 full push ups last night.  And this morning I did a full set of 25 girl push ups!  I might even do another set or two later today.

If anything, I think my upper body is getting noticeably beefier.  Well, at least to me it seems as such.  Or maybe I just forgot what muscles looked liked since I haven’t been doing landscaping for the last 7 months.

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