Time for quiet

Somedays after work, my husband and I like to stop on our way home at the pub to have a pint or two. It’s a nice experience sitting in a pub. Often, it’s the Harp, which is located just a little bit off our normal path home, but worth the extra couple minutes every time. As much as I love sitting in the pub chatting, sometimes the ride home is just as good. If you aren’t aware we cycle. Lately, it’s been on our cruiser bikes as my other bicycle has been broken and Jimbo has just made his cruiser even better to ride. From the Harp in Covent Garden, we will ride home via Whitehall, Parliament Square and Embankment, typically, with the wind in our faces, side by side, continuing to right all the wrongs in the world. Sometimes if the road is clear we will stop off at Downing Street in hopes of spotting Larry the cat or at least Palmerston. We half-heartedly will call out in the night their names, on the off chance they fancy seeing us.

So far no luck.

The other night we decided to go over Westminster Bridge for a change. I think it may have been to show Jimbo the new face of Big Ben with its nice blue paint. It wasn’t too late, but the riverside was quiet and we had an impromptu photo shoot, which went totally well after a couple pints.


Jarl makes people happy. Just look at these two.


It’s blue. I promise.

I do like having the city mostly to ourselves later on a weekday. Time to enjoy the sights, but not so much the sounds. It feels like more than ever I am aware of sounds I don’t like and disturb me. And that freedom to ride quietly at night without much road noise is a magical thing.

The next couple weeks I look forward to being far away from the noise of London. The majority of sound I am likely to hear is waves lapping at the shore, birds talking to one another or maybe the bleating of a sheep. And that’s ok with me.


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