40 days and 40 nights

33/100 You may or may not be aware that I went on a 40 day adventure through the land of Sobriety. From 31st January to 13th March (well most of 13th March) a drop of alcohol did not pass my lips. It was a very good time over all and I would do it again, but not for a while. This time of sobriety coincided with quite a few changes happening in all facets of my life leading to a contentment with life which I have not experienced in a long time. Was it the lack of alcohol that made it so? Will it last now that I’m back on the booze? Hard to say really, but I am going to make the most of it until then. I think my time in Zambia and Malawi cleared a bit of the muck and mire from my brain and I go forth with a new focus on finding happiness in life. There’s not much to be upset about and so many things to be thankful for. Long may it last.

I went out Friday night to celebrate the end to my sobriety. Before I went out I thought 2 pints would be a sensible amount of alcohol to partake in for the first night and I was going to stick to that. But of course I got invited to the beer festival taking place near work where I sunk 2 pints before I knew it. But by the end of the night I had consumed 5 1/2 pints. I thought I was doing ok, but that proved to be untrue come Saturday morning. (DRINK WATER, COLLEEN!) I slug myself feebly out into the living world on Saturday afternoon for some social engagements, but the pain of it all was written on my face. I didn’t last long. Let’s hope any drinking adventures coming up are slightly more sensible.

Crocuses in Hampstead Heath last week

Crocuses in Hampstead Heath last week

I haven’t got very many photos from life recently. I have been stuck in the office for the last few weeks, which means my photo taking opportunities are limited.  The days are getting longer now and the purple plum trees are starting to hit full bloom. Pretty soon the cherries, apples and horse chestnuts will be in bloom and it will be full on Spring time.  I have been able to cycle into work with less winter wear. Before I know it I will be cycling happily in shorts and t-shirts, which is my preferred way to ride.

St. Pancras gardens in bloom

St. Pancras gardens in bloom

Any who, I have to ready myself for a furniture delivery so I can convince one more person to come live with me. It’s been a pain in the ass trying to let out the 3rd room in my house. I don’t get it. I would have totally jumped at the opportunity to move in to this house for the price I’ve got it up for. People are ridiculous. Any one of you want to move in? Even for a couple months? Extended holiday in London?  Do it!  Ok, friends, have a good week and take care.

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