2014: Pushing forward

Happy New Year to you all. I hope the celebrations of the past 8 days has not left you in a deteriorated state today. Me, I woke up feeling hot. Super hot. At 12:30AM as my childhood bedroom was literally like a furnace. It makes it nearly impossible for me to sleep. Eventually I got a few hours of shut eye. I have to say, I’m much happier to have woken up in a much different situation than I did last year. Plus I wasn’t hung over. All my new years plans went to shit (not happy about it) and I ended up falling asleep in my bed watching Skyfall at about 10PM. I suppose that is life at 31.

So I’ve just re-read my new year’s resolutions for 2013 to see if I did any of them. I set 3. Amount accomplished: 0. Pretty good going. I did try on all of them. The final tallies on the side of the page aren’t quite right. I ran 17 times. I played tennis 24 times. And I read 3 Russian novels, including Crime and Punishment! So although I didn’t complete resolutions, I gave it a good try (except maybe the running bit).

My main intent in 2013 of overcoming some social anxiety did happen actually. I got some help and things are a wee bit better in life after a pretty rough April, May and June. Now that I’ve got some permanency with work and life I can settle in a bit and breathe. Hopefully things will continue to be bright in 2014.

As for new year’s resolutions for 2014. I’ve been toying with a few and they are below.

1. One evening  weekday every week with no electronics. (kitchen electronics and lights excluded) No phone, no computer, no music. Most likely I’ll cook or go to the pub. It is entirely possible  though some of those nights I could read or write or exercise. Imagine! What will happen to the world when I unplug? Will it continue?????

2. Read 30 books. I’ve officially declared this on goodreads, so it must be true. It will either be easier as I’ll be back in school or just about impossible to squeeze in extra reading. Time will tell!

3. Run 50 times. I’m giving this one another go. As I’m doing this stupid race in May, I’ll have to seriously get to running when I get back to England. I’d run now, but I’m having a bit of pain in my foot which I don’t like. So I’ll rest it for a few more days. It is starting to feel better (likely due to wearing Karlie’s boot  for 3 hours).

4. Write more! Write more! Write more! I always feel better after it. Pen and paper are the greatest inventions ever. Need to get back into the groove.

Overall I want a simpler existence. Living in London, life is fast and technologically obsessed. Does it make it better? Not really. So I will concentrate on having better, richer experiences. Enjoying life again with friends and family alike when I can. And I don’t want to spin my wheels working on relationships that aren’t ever going to grow. Life is too short and I want to make sure I’m living it. I don’t want to be dwelling on the negative or things I have no control over.

So I think that’s it. I need to do a best of 2013 post still. I have a nice list, but no time at present to do it. I have three more days here in the US and then I’m back in London. And of course I’ve left most things until the last minute to do before I leave.

It’s time to get ready for this new year’s party with the step family. And by get ready, I mean have a beer. It’s basically noon any ways. Take care all and happy 2014!

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