It was a nice week this week until Friday happened. Then things went wrong. I got sick. I turned yellow. Everything was yellow. Just like the Coldplay song. But now I’m better. And extremely sober. Sober is nice for sure. Water is delicious! Yum. And I need to stop looking on the internet convincing myself I have alcohol induced liver damage. Cause if some of my friends don’t have massive, life disrupting liver damage (based on their drinking habits), I certainly don’t.

Yesterday I had an excellent day with friends Laura and Kerry at the football. I dragged them along to Craven Cottage for the football. Despite Fulham’s dismal performance, we had a really good time. The over all feeling of the three of us was that the footballers needed to try harder. They really weren’t trying hard at all. I could have made some of the goals the boys missed.

Craven Cottage

Craven Cottage

After a long walk post match, we took the train back to Streatham to settle in for a night at the pub. It was a very nice evening solving our own personal problems and the world’s problems. Unfortunately though it ended with me bolting out the door. The people next us started messing with (i.e. popping, touching) the balloons they brought for their party. And if you know anything about me, it’s that I have a fear of balloons. So I waved good bye to my friends as I ran to the door. Probably a good move any ways as it was late and I was the only one still sober in the bar.

Any ways, Piccadilly and I have spent our day quietly puttering around the house. Laundry, eating, washing dishes sweeping, and drinking lots and lots of tea. Generally making my life less of a disaster area. It makes thinking easier when everything is in it’s place. I’m easily distracted by the need to suddenly clean up something. I realize this. But trying to stave off the overwhelming feeling to go and clean up the dishes in the sink suddenly is beyond my mental strength most times. Now that everything is in it’s place and my faffing is done I can write on my blog. It’s only taken 10 hours.

This morning I read this article in the NY Times from a guy walking around the world. It’s worth a read. Yesterday I probably walked about 6 miles in total. It was a nice day and got me feeling better after Friday. Yesterday’s walking and thinking about walking has me thinking tomorrow I will give walking into work a try. I’ve left my bike at work, so I need some alternative to getting there any ways. And well, I have been meaning to do it all year. It’s just under 10 miles to walk there. Google tells me it will take 3 hours to get there, so I’ll need to leave before 6 AM. It’ll be a good way to further clear the muck and mire from my brain. As it’s going to be just around the freezing point, I’ll likely lose a toe or two. I think it’s worth the sacrifice.

So I will try to take some photos and post my route tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to it. Anyone else done a walk to work?

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  1. AL

    Ahhhhhh BALLOONS!

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