And then some other stuff happened.

First off: I stayed on budget last month. Well….basically. I had the same amount of money sitting in my UK bank account at the end of the month as I did at the beginning of the month. So in my mind I succeeded. I had money stashed for USA, so I kind of had a get out of jail free card the last week. Thank goodness.

So, hey. Hi. Welcome back to a new installment of Life by Colleen.

I’ve stalled on this update because everything has been so scattered, fragmented and weird in my brain and in my world, I couldn’t pin down anything to specifically write about. But now I realize I can write about the weirdness. Basically everything is the same in London as when I left for the states. Same places, same cast of characters. But there’s been drama, break ups, storms, sickness, new beginnings and revelations. Like there’s a whole new set of rules and there’s no going back.

And with all the traveling I’ve got in the next 8 weeks, it’s probably not even worth trying to figure out what the hell is going on. And definitely not worth explaining it all on here. I think I’ll just keep living in the moment and see how it all shakes out.

So this happened:

branches fall down go boom

branches fall down go boom

The St. Jude storm hit 2 weeks ago now. We’re still dealing with the clean up. It wasn’t even that large of a storm. . A few people’s cars were damaged in the storm here. Some trees fell over. Luckily, where I work, no one was hurt or injured. I’m very grateful for that. I did get to use my hand saw and secateurs, which I never get to use any more. That was really the best bit.

So besides that I’ve been drinking beer a few times. My Scottish friend Adam was in town for the weekend and we visited a few breweries in Hackney. We were mostly at London Fields, which was a pretty cool place to drink. We went on the tour and got loads of beer shoved down our throats. This resulted in me walking out of the brewery with a full on buzz at about 3 PM. Classy.

conditioning vats…not so much tanks.

conditioning vats…not so much tanks.

Last week I took the week off from drinking. It’s likely I’ll take this working week off again too. I’ve been not feeling 100% and I’m certain drinking a load will not make me feel any better.

Oh, I’ve also been introduced to the world of rugby. I went to my first rugby match a week and a half ago with my co-worker Rob. It was England vs. Australia…….legends. So not the young fit guys. It was the old guys still trying to give it their all. In some ways it was way more entertaining.  It was a really good time. Afterwards we even got to go out on the field and run around a bit.

The rugby

The rugby

I’m looking forward to giving some pumpkin pie to my co-workers tomorrow. I whipped by hand some whipped cream tonight and I think I may have hurt my right hand in the process. 2 hours later, it’s still hurting.

Nothing much else to say at the moment! I’ll be traveling a bit this month. I’ll be sure to take some photos and re-live the memories here.  And I’ve got a load of books stacked up waiting to be read. Currently, I’m plowing through Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. So good! I hope you’re all well. Ta ta.

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