Day 17: Help me

It’s day 17 of my austerity. And well to be quite honest things have gone tits up. But still, there remains money (some) in my bank account. And next week I only need to make it 3 1/2 days until America. And everything will be fine there……I think.

Day 15

I was doing alright, wasn’t I? Yeah. Friday night I was like “Cool. This is cool. I can do this.” But I saw this thing coming a couple weeks ago to be totally honest and new it would have to be confronted at some point. Basically, I have these really very bourgeois super food smoothies in the morning. They involve pricey juice, ground flax seed and spirulina powder. I pretend that by drinking them they are making a big difference in my health. They aren’t. I know they aren’t. But that hasn’t stopped me from drinking them all summer.  Last week I ran out of the spirulina powder and I’m nearly out of ground flax. This upset my life. So Saturday I had to buy more. This shit is not cheap. And of course as soon as I go on the websites to buy the stuff, I am convinced I need other super foods to right my life. So basically this happened:

Dang you hippie food website!

Dang you hippie food website!

I don’t even know what Ashwagandha powder is. Does anyone? It could be poison. But the hippies of Glastonbury convinced me to get it cause it was going to stop me being so fucking depressed. Ok, that was ok. Then I went here:


I CAN NOT RESIST THE FLAX JACK. They are good. Like the best things ever.

WTF £5.66 on shipping? That’s too much. But oh. Another surprise. The website wasn’t working properly in the morning. So my order went through twice. I’d complain to them, but I feel a bit bad. Last time I ordered, they sent me my order twice (once for free). In a way I feel like I deserve this and shouldn’t complain. And I’ll use the stuff I’m getting anyways. Still I’d rather this have happened in a month where I wasn’t trying to live within my means.

So ahem:

Amount spent: £83.09

Amount left: £127.02

Also I went out that night dancing in the city. It was pretty awkward and fun too. Like I can’t explain how awkward it was. And I went by myself. Who goes dancing by themselves? Seriously? But if anyone comes to visit me (ever again) and this dance night is on, we’re going. The music was good and the venue was cool. The crowd was eclectic. And it cost 99p to get in. Bargain. I bought some drinks, so I guess I should deduct them, shouldn’t I? If that’s the case, I have to credit my account £41.00 that I received for a book order. £168.02

Amount spent: £12.09 (3 Thatcher’s Gold and one dance party)

Amount left: £155.93

Day 16

I spent the day in bed. I felt a bit rough from the 3 ciders (not to mention the 2/3 whiskies before leaving the house) in the morning. The all day in bed had more to do with me being sick since Friday. The late night dance party didn’t help me. And it took me down today as well.

Luckily, I didn’t go onto the internets yesterday and buy anything. So no spending!

Day 17

I did my weekly shop this afternoon. For some reason it ticked up a few pounds. I don’t see anything particularly expensive on there. I’ll make a load of food for lunch tomorrow night and it should stop me from spending any more money this week.

Amount spent: £36.96

Amount left: £118.97

That should be ok. Really. Just am going to confine myself to my house in the evenings for the rest of the week. No going out and spending money. No. Not even once….. (which means I’ll probably go out tomorrow).

So onwards and upwards. Have a good week, friends.

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4 thoughts on “Day 17: Help me

  1. Looks like youre doing pretty well! Probably better than I would! I’m SO. BAD. at budgeting and not spending. 😦 YAY COLLEEN!

    • ldnphile

      Technically I have that much for two more weeks of living. Not sure if I’d make it if I were staying here. I’m lucking out to be going stateside, where I do have money in my bank accounts. Unless the US Government gets commandeers it before I get back. I wouldn’t be surprised.

  2. Jnn

    I would totes have gone on the dance party if I wasn’t on the other side of the world. Minor details.

    Oh, and that was post was freakin hilarious.

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