Day 14: Fessing up

Hmmm it’s been 8 days since I’ve done a spending update. Does that mean I’ve been a good girl and kept a lid on my spending or does it mean I have been too guilt ridden to say anything?  Well I think I should just admit straight away that things haven’t gone as well as last week.  But it was a weird week as you’ll see.

It started with last Friday. I caved and bought a pizza from Papa John’s when I got home from work. But let’s start this off on a more positive note.

I had £255.55 at last count. But the folks at the UK tax office were nice enough to send me a one off check for £45 in the mail. I’m like, “Remember when you took out an extra £120 last week? And now this? Get it together.” I still took it to the bank and cashed that puppy.

New total: £300.55. Boom

Day 7

Amount spent: £8.99 on Papa John’s pizza.

To be fair I had the worst headache I’ve had in ages. I couldn’t be faced with making dinner. And I felt like I had starved myself all last week. It was deserved.

Gifts: 2 pints of delicious Camden Town beer

Total: £291.56

Day 8

I had to go into the city for various things on Saturday. Most importantly to go to the British Museum for the Pompeii and Hurculaneum exhibit (which was excellent BTW). Riding my bike sounded like a chore so I sprung for the train. I also went to the designjunction thing at the old sorting office which was super fantastic. See photos below.

Neat light fixtures

Neat light fixtures

Brooks saddles being made on site.

Brooks saddles being made on site.

More neat light fixtures.

More neat light fixtures.

After being in town I took the slow overground to Streatham to stop at the pub for a drink. I needed to be social. It ended up being a very good night out. Good chats with Stu and other regulars at the pub.

Amount spent: £33.30 (£20 on transport, £12.50 on 3 ciders/beer, 1 postcard at 80p)

Gifts: half a pint of cider and a half a bottle of wine

Amount left: £258.26

Day 9

After a big Saturday of spending I was concerned the rest of the week would be horrible. So I went food shopping and tried to hold it together and not spend big. I think I did quite well.

Amount spent: £29.96

Amount left: £228.30

Day 10

Back at work for the week. We took a jolly to Waitrose at lunch time to pick up sundries for the week. Going to Waitrose usually sucks all the money out of my wallet. It’s a dangerous supermarket as everything is just asking to be bought (especially whisky). But I did ok and only got rye bread to go with my potato and leek soup for the week.

Amount spent: £1.20 (German rye bread)

Amount left: £227.10

Day 11

Trying to avoid the pub at all costs, I get a text on Tuesday when I got home from work:

“Quizzing? x”
“Ummm I don’t know…. are you going? x”
“Oh go on and do it!”
“Ok you’ve twisted my arm.”

So I went. No, I wasn’t going to drink. But I drank any ways. Pub quiz costs £2 to enter. As I was totally trying to save money, I decided to pay for everyone to play at my table. I got a pint in return. There was only 3 of us so we weren’t expecting much. So at the end of the night as they announced the scores, we were shocked when “Quiz in my tent” (our team name for the week) got first place. First place prize: £50. We split it between the 3 of us for £17 each in winnings and Stu paid me back for the quiz entry.

Amount spent: £8.60 (2 pub entries, half pint of beer and a pint of diet coke)

Gifts: 1 9 bar (health bar), 1 pint beer and £17 winnings

Amount left: £235.50

Day 12

I went out in the morning with my co-worker to poke and prod a big plane tree in one of the squares to see how it was looking on the inside. It is one of my favorite tasks at work despite it normally being pretty stressful, going terribly wrong and getting questioned by everyone walking by. It became even better when I was crawling around the flower bed measuring the tree and there in the mulch was a £10 note! Yey.  Based on where it was in the flower bed and how it was folded up, I’m sure it was connected with a drug deal of some sort. But £10 is £10. This was great as I was going out that night with my co-workers to drink. And I owed everyone at work a beer. I couldn’t believe that the one week I was struggling with money all this random money was coming into me. Strange how things work out.

Amount spent: £26.20 (5 pints, one small red wine and two cupcakes purchased in the name of charity)

Gifts: 2 pints, dinner and £10

Amount left: £219.30

Day 13

I woke up on Thursday feeling not that great. More tired than hungover. But still I cycled into work like a boss. Though it was  bit later than normal.  And having had a late night out the night before and little food in the house, I had to buy lunch. As I cycled home from Borough and cycled in the next day, in my head I thought I saved on transport. It’s normally £6.80 if I have to take the train to and from work. My co-worker Rob and I were really dragging by mid-day. So we treated ourselves to the best and finest meal available in Kings Cross: the Turkish cafe around the corner from our offices. This place is amazing. And great desserts too. I could have found a cheaper meal, but I really needed this. Plus I had saved £6.80 by still cycling. That’s legit, right?

Amount spent: £6.00 (ciabatta thing, 4 cookies)

Gifts: can of Dr. Pepper

Amount left: £213.30

Day 14

Amount spent: £3.19 (2 cakes purchased in the name of charity, a pint of milk and a bag of cheesy poofs)

I’m already tucked into bed for the night and it’s not even 8:30. I don’t think I’ll be spending anymore tonight . So this week (after gifts) I spent £81.45. Not great. And way over last week’s £40. The next two weeks should be fairly quiet. I have no drinking events to attend so I’m hoping spending is down dramatically. So I hope I can go to the USA with a little bit of cash to spare. I do have some American dollars lying around here and also some money in by US bank accounts, so it won’t be too bad really.

Amount left after week 2: £210.11

Let’s hope for a cheap week!  Hope you all have good weekend.

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One thought on “Day 14: Fessing up

  1. “Rode to work like a boss.”
    Love it.
    And now I totally get your FB status from winning monies! BOOM!

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