Day 2: Going to be a long month

Well, I’m a bit concerned and a bit not concerned about another 29 days of this nonsense. Not the blogging part. The sticking to a budget thing. Cause budgets are dumb and I want to spend money on stuff like beer and food and cookies. Again my starting total was £296.00

I didn’t update yesterday as I really could not be bothered about much of anything. But here’s how it went:

Amount spent: £8.40 (two pints of beer at local)

Gifts: 1 pint of beer

Amount left: £289.00

I know that looks like I can’t to Math, but I secretly had roughly £2 leftover from last week.

I was having a not so great day, which could have lead me down a path of drinking destruction. Instead I packed up and went home very early.

Today I did my weekly grocery shop.  I did pretty well. Yesterday I took out £40 to see if I could make it the week on just 40 quid.

Today’s amount spent: £27.11

I scrounged around my shelves and found a coupon for £2.65 off my food bill. That’s like 10% off! Booyah.

Food receipt and my money for the remainder of week.

Food receipt and my money for the remainder of week.

Feel free to zoom in to see roughly what I bought. Yes I bought skittles. My shop included everything I need for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the week. Normally I spend about £20-25 a week on lunch and various other treats and £30 for breakfasts and dinners.  Normally I’m out on site during lunch time and I’m already carrying around a fairly heavy bag all day. Carrying around lunch as well is very unappealing, but I shall do it until further notice for the greater good of my bank account. I can make cheese sandwiches with carrots, celery and maybe a plum. Sounds delicious actually. I’ll be alright.

So yeah, I felt pretty good with £7.31 for the remainder of the week. I doubt I’ll be out drinking at all this week. That means I can still get a cookie (or 12) at work for our tea breaks a couple times this week. Not that I should just spend it, but I will be ultra sad if I don’t have at least one nice snack with tea this week. I sound like a kindergartener. Jesus.

Amount left: £261.89

Let’s hope I don’t update until later this week. Cheers

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2 thoughts on “Day 2: Going to be a long month

  1. Ummmm…the second item on your receipt is “COCK” …..good to know thats not very expensive in London!

    • ldnphile

      Hahaha. You definitely wouldn’t be interested in that item. Prawn cocktail flavored crisps! 🙂

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