What’s my name?

Ok first off the list is this:

This joint is 20 years old!! DAMN. I remember watching it as a kid. Loved it even though as an 11 year old girl living in Indiana who likely had no idea what this was all about. I knew that I did not want to FUCK with people like this. But their music was amazing. I’m listening to Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle in its entirety right now. To be clear, I watched Snoop’s documentary Reincarnated today and last night about the making of his latest album. Wow. It was something. Let’s just say if you had a drinking game based around every time someone took a hit off a joint, you’d be dead within 7 minutes of the movie starting. It’s really something.

But any ways, besides my 24 hour obsession with Snoop Dogg, it’s been a very big week here. I got my new work visa, which is a pretty big fucking dea. My employer has actually found me worthy of staying over here to work. So that’s pretty excellent. Now it’s onward and upward. Lot’s more to do here I think.

So now that I’m going to be here for the forceable future, I feel like I’ve got a fresh start. A new chapter to begin. I have been in the land of uncertainty for way too long. Not really able to make long term plans or travel or well anything. I had no idea where I’d be in 6 months. So yeah, this is good. And now I’ve got 3 trips planned before the end of the year. One is to the continent. I need to make a point of going to this large land mass on the other side of the Channel. And further, I am vowing to do one thing on the bucket list every year. This year it’s go to a real deal Christkindlemarkt in Germany. We were forced to watch a plethora of videos on this event in German class throughout my younger years. Like below:

And for God’s sake, I’m going to one of these markets and get absolutely wankered on mulled wine whilst eating bratwurst and various German pastries and probably singing O Tannenbaum at the top of my lungs.  It’s going to be epic.  Any one want to join me? I’m getting too excited watching the above video, thinking about mulled wine. I must control myself and realize it’s still months away. And anyways, I shouldn’t be thinking about mulled wine, I am teetotaling. One more week to go…

Any ways, that’s the latest update for you. Life is good. Looking forward to the rest of the year!  Hope you’re feeling the same.



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5 thoughts on “What’s my name?

  1. Jnn

    Oh my fucking GAWD. I expect a bazillion pictures of the Christkindlsmarkt, including one of you & the lady with the scary white hair & Vaseline all over her eyelids.

  2. Jnn

    Ps-I am excited just reading about that. That IS, indeed, epic. If it was even remotely possible, I would go.

    • ldnphile

      Dude, first person I thought of was the lady with the biggest mouth and biggest hair with vaseline on her eyeballs. Second person I thought of was you!

      I am going to fotografieren the shizz out of that market. Wish you could come and be obnoxious with me!

  3. Jnn

    I hope you are able to meet Rick Steve’s while you are there.

    • ldnphile

      If I don’t see Rick, I’m going to very angry. And probably a bit violent too. Those markets are like his natural habitat.

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