Seems to happen this time of year, every year. I get the itch to go back to school. To learn something new. This year is certainly no different.  I’ve just spent the morning looking at online classes. I’m not sure why I’m bothering as I have no money, but they are worth a look for future reference. I think I’d like to do more environmentally stuff next like soil science. It would help me in my current job as it’s a bit of an enigma to me. I haven’t spent nearly enough time learning about it.

Any ways, as part of this re-focus is the giving up of alcohol. Believe it. As it’s happening for both financial and health reasons, it’s my main focus for the next 45 days (or as long as I can make it (I’ve already made it a day and a half!)). I went out with a bang on Thursday at the Great British Beer Festival. I had such a good time this year. If you can go, you should go! How can you pass up drinking mostly beer you’ve never had, eating spicy pork scratchings and wearing a funny hat? Life hardly gets better.

Beer and TWO bags of pork scratchings. Greedy, I know.

Beer and TWO bags of pork scratchings. Greedy, I know.

I never went to the GBBF when it was at Earl’s Court (an exhibition hall not to far away from this place). But I think Kensington Olympia is the place to have it. I heard some bad stories about Earl’s Court being a hot, stuffy, inhospitable place. Kensington Olympia is a beautiful Victorian exhibition hall. A really amazing space to be in.



I liked that this year they opened up an additional hall on the main floor. Last year, some of the drinks were upstairs. Actually, there could have been drinks upstairs, but I didn’t go up there this year. It seemed much nicer and with better seating this time around.

I had an ecclectic selection of drinks at the Festival. About 5 or 6 pints in total. The worst was Wild Hops by Harvey’s. Surprising as I usually really enjoy Harvey’s. My sentimental favorite was Deschutes’ Fresh Squeezed IPA. I love Deschutes. I’m not sure the cask traveled that well from Oregon, but it was still excellent to have it. Maybe the Hobson’s Best Bitter was the best? Maybe it’s because it was the last thing I had and taste didn’t matter as much at that point.

So that was that. Now 45 more days of sobriety. I’ll be focusing on reading, writing and exercising. There’s so many books I want to read and I haven’t buckled down to do it. I blame the daily cycling.

I’m off now. Time to (possibly) go to the farmer’s market. I was going to volunteer today measuring trees, but there’s some horrible weather coming into town. Not sure it’s worth the physical effort to go all the way into town. Instead, I’ll read and enjoy the excellence that is Radio 6 on the weekends. Oh and I hear there may be some football on this afternoon. Yes! Have a great weekend folks.

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