Welcome to August

I’m looking forward to a busy end to 2013. It’s already kicked into high gear this week. It seems as though I’ve got events planned for nearly every weekend until the middle of November. No doubt I’m happy about being busy type, but how does this happen?

With all the nice weather and feeling more settled, less stressd and less depressed than I was this Spring, I haven’t had much to gripe about. For me that seems to mean less blog posts. I haven’t been traveling either, so not loads of pretty photos to post.

But I have some good news to report:
1. I’m going back stateside in October for my friend Ali’s wedding in New England. Ali and I have been friends for nearly 10 years now after our lovely study abroad time in London. I’m so happy to be able to go back and see her take her vows. And I get so see a load of my other friends from studying in London as well. Should be an excellent time. Oh and I guess I will see my family a bit too. I wish I could stay longer and go up to Maine for a couple days. It’d be nice to go to the coast and have a proper holiday. It’s only a week and is bound to be hectic.

2. I’ve done my work visa! Let’s hope for the best and get the UK government to agree with many people in the greater London area that I’m good company and should get to stay here longer.

3. Fulham are back home in London after playing some pre-season games abroad. They have 2 matches this week for pre-season and I’m going to both. Yey, football time is very close and this season the Premier League is wide open (in my opinion). Should be good.

I think that’s it. Below are some photos along the Regents Canal. I’ve been using it as my main transport route the last couple weeks as it’s the shortest and most pleasant way to get to where I’m working at the moment. Only will get to use it for the next couple days and then I’ll be off to a different area for work. I shall miss it.

Well, I’ll leave you with the photos. I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying the summer as much as I am. Cheers.

The quickly changing face of King's Cross. One of those buildings will be my office come next year.

The quickly changing face of King’s Cross. One of those buildings will be my office come next year.

The Canal and the Constitution.

The Canal and the Constitution.

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