Humanities in decline

Humanities in decline

The above article in the New York times regarding the decline of humanities majors this past week struck a chord with me. Having been a true humanities major in my undergrad education, I can’t expound the impact it had on my life. It truly gave me a love and appreciation for writing, reading and the arts that I would not have had otherwise. It’s a real tragedy for our society that youth aren’t finding it a worthwhile field to go into. 
I originally went into university as a landscape architect major. It was obvious a semester into college that learning about the rich history of human design was something that truly inspired me. I was lucky to go to a university which had a major which allowed me to explore this field. And sadly, that major no longer exists. I think I may have been one of the last graduates. But I can’t imagine majoring in anything else. It’s too bad that others since haven’t had the same option I did. Because I think the degree is so flexible, allowing people to go into any field they want to. It provided me with a foundation, which I so firmly stand on for both my career and in life in general.

In a way come full circle thanks to the major. In my current role I’m getting a chance to be a landscape architect of sorts. I get to affect the landscape of our cities with the choices I make everyday with my work with trees. And it’s really rewarding and exactly what I wanted to do (without having to be stuck in an office drafting up plans). 

In my personal life, I read and write all the time. Would I do as much without being forced to read loads of wonderful literature and write a lot as an undergrad? It’s possible but I probably wouldn’t know how to dissect it as well as I do. 

So if you’re looking for a major, don’t pass up humanities! It’s a wonderful, enriching degree. And don’t fret right out of college that you don’t have a specific field to get into. In the long run you’ll come out on top.  

*off my soap box*

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2 thoughts on “Humanities in decline

  1. I can’t believe ASU gave up the liberal arts major as an option! WEIRD! Are they trying to be a more science-geared school? But to be honest, I have no idea what type of degree ASU is known for…
    Either way, thats just insane its gone!

  2. ldnphile

    ASU does have an extensive liberal arts college! I meant that it no longer has my major Humanities. At least it didn’t the last time I checked. Especially not the specific focus I had in humanitites which was on architecture/design.

    Liberal arts is number one!

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