Feeling pretty Fyne

My liver. Scotland, what have you done to my liver? I am finally home this evening after a long, public transport frenzy of a trip to Scotland for Fyne Fest. It was so good and I will never forget the weekend and memories made.

I’ll be sure to do a full update this weekend when I have some time. But I will show you a few sneak peak photos. See, it all started lovely. This was me on Friday morning.

Cheerful and ready for beer!

Cheerful and ready for beer on Loch Fyne

Then I added a bit of this:

Woo sun!

Woo drinking in the sun!

And some of this Saturday night:


Woo dancing!

Woo dancing!

And it lead to this on Sunday noontime:

Keep on trucking.

Keep on trucking.

Please let the record show that I kept going on Sunday, converting the remainder of my beer tokens for beer. Like a boss. Luckily it was only 2. No way was I going to give up so close to the finish line.

It was really fun and I am definitely going again next year. I hope I can convince some people to join me. If not, I imagine I’ll still enjoy myself.

I’m off to bed to try and regain some sort of normalcy in my life. Look for an update come Saturday! Cheers friends.

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