So camp

Getting ready to go

Getting ready to go

The above photo makes me happy. I love camping. And since moving to England, I haven’t camped once. So this coming weekend will be a momentous occasion. Finally I get to break out the tent, which has been sitting on my wardrobe for nearly 2 years. I hope I can put it together with no problems. I don’t want to look like an idiot in front of my fellow campers. Any ways, it’s only two nights in the tent. Not very much but should be enough. Then I’ll be hosteling the other two nights. It’s a pretty short trip I’m taking up to Scotland but is a desperately needed break from the city. I will be drinking lots of whisky and beer.

It’s been a much better week this week. The bottom has dropped out of my stress. I feel much more settled knowing I’ll be here for a while longer. No need to rush back stateside. I’ve barely been home this week as I’ve been been playing loads of tennis and out and about with friends. It’s nice. I had a couple tennis matches today, but I’m happy to have the evening to myself to catch my breath.

Not sure if I’ll update before heading up to SCO, but I will try. I’ll leave you with a photo of one of my lunch time breaks at work this week, Gray’s Inn Gardens. I’d never been there before properly, so it was wonderful to finally enjoy it. Even dragged one of my friends out of his stuffy office to join me. Good times.

Gray's Inn Gardens

Gray’s Inn Gardens

Out like a trout! Peace.

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One thought on “So camp

  1. YAY TO CAMPING! You deserve it! I totally know how you feel. Its like an urge to be in the wilderness, in front of a fire, with a beer in my hand!

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