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It was a fine weekend. Even with working. I’ve been enjoying the nice weather by spending nearly all my time the last 4 days out of doors. I feel like I was devoid of sun and blue skies for so long my body just can’t get enough. And I’m happy to oblige. I will forever be an outdoorsy girl. If I ever get permanently stuck inside of an office, I will inevitably go crazy and then crumble into a pile of ash after combusting in my chair. I just can’t handle sitting still so long. Especially when I could be out working in places like this:

Brunswick Square

Brunswick Square

Any ways, I hope you all had a nice weekend. I mowed my lawn. It was nice to be “back on the tools” as they say. After being a turf professional for 6 years, I can’t shake the PPE. I have to mow in sunglasses, boots and ear plugs. It just doesn’t feel right not wearing all of it. Like it’s not the full experience. Sans bra? No problem. But the PPE must be on.

Could mow in a bikini as long as I have boots, ear plugs and sunnies.

Could mow in a bikini as long as I have boots, ear plugs and sunnies.

I realize I look ridiculous mowing in all that with a bloody electric mower. A shitty electric mower, but that’s the way I am and probably will always be. It’s surprising I don’t have a hi-viz shirt or tabard on. Although at that point the neighbors would begin to talk and my landlady would likely ask me to find a place without a lawn to mow.

What also happened yesterday is that a very small kitten dropped out of the sky into my back garden. Well, probably not out of the sky as it would be a dead kitten in that case. But a small black kitten appeared from no where. It is 3-4 weeks old and pretty adorable. How does this happen? Of course it doesn’t want anything to do with me. But I keep trying to pet it. If I’m lucky, perhaps I’ll get to touch it by the end of the week. That’s if it hasn’t escaped into another garden by then. The mom is obviously like “WTF, kitteh? Why are you here?” It appears that some situation arose which allowed the kitten to get into our garden and it is not able to find it’s way back from where it came from. The mum keeps coming back over to take care of it, so that’s a good sign. Of course I’m feeding and giving it water. It seems interested in those things.

Kitteh and big kitteh

Kitteh and big kitteh

So I’ve been pretty glued to the kitten drama since it kicked off last night. Like keeping tabs on how much the mom comes over. What the kitty does when other cats come in the back garden. I certainly can’t get enough of this. I’d stay home from work just to watch if I could afford to do so. It’s the biggest thing to happen in the Norbs in months.

Any who, I have a super big day tomorrow. 30 miles of cycling, tennis and being outside all day doing tree stuff. So I should get a good night’s sleep. Have a great week everyone.

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