Two years of London

I’m sitting in my back garden blogging on a very nice Friday afternoon. I should be working, but I have had a lovely headachy/migraine for most of the last 24 hours. It made me feel quite ill last night and into the morning. I’ve only just now at quarter to 1 felt ok to eat some toast. So I’m not working today but instead going to work tomorrow, Saturday. A tree girls’ work is never done. I don’t have anything on this weekend so it makes no difference to me which day I work really.

Any who, it just occurred to me a few minutes ago that today completes my second year in the capital city. This year has slipped away particularly quickly. Everything seems to happen in overdrive in the city and I just try to keep up and keep surviving. By surviving, I mean pay my bills on time! This year was much harder and more of a struggle than the first, but I am looking forward to the next year here. This third year will really start a new chapter for me. Like literally. I just committed like 2 minutes ago to taking my job on a permanent basis. Exciting, scary, overwhelming. All those things. I was a bit on tenterhooks this week cause I didn’t know if I could take on the role for multiple reasons (or if I wanted it), but as of right now everything seems to be fine. There’s really no better place for me to be working and learning in the city. And I feel pretty lucky this opportunity opened up for me. When I was hired back on as a temp 6 months ago I had no idea what was going to happen to me in a few months. And it continues to be the case that whenever I put myself out there in life, try to take a jump that I’m not sure I can make, I am rewarded.  No broken bones on my leaps of faith (yet). Sometimes the reward isn’t always clear straight away, but I get it in the end.

I went to a pub quiz fundraiser last night. It was a good reminder of how lucky we are here in the West. There were some people in from Kenya speaking about what the kids in their village have to do to get by in life. (The fundraiser was for them) They have to work in the quarry at a young age if they aren’t able to pay for school. What a shock really. And the money we were raising that night went to sending kids in this village to school and making sure they had clothes and such. I felt a bit glutinous sitting there in the pub eating, drinking and laughing about knowing the Doogie Howser MD theme song, knowing there are people struggling to make it in the world. It makes me want to do more for others.. And that we shouldn’t waste all the opportunities we get here. We are so lucky. So I think with that in mind I will work to do more for others in my 3rd year of living here. I’ve got something in mind for next February/March. If I can save up some money to do it, I will. And I may be pestering all of you to help me out as well. Details on that to come.

If there is one thing I do need in this next year it is to have more visitors than I have in the last 9 months. C’mon everyone. It’s not too bad over here. I may even be able to offer you a place to stay at my house. Wouldn’t that be nice? We’ve got nearly everything there is in the states. And then there’s some weird English stuff too. It’s pretty neat to be here. We can ride bikes. Can that happen please? Thanks.

On that note I’m out. I’m going to read my book about America, watch Piccadilly and the guinea pigs eat grass and enjoy this super fabulous afternoon in London and hope my headache goes away soon. Peace.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

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