finding a space

It’s been a drunk, tiring, beautiful and anxious bank holiday. Maybe a little forlorn as well. That’s a bit of a random mix of words, isn’t it? But 72 hours can be an awfully long time. Lots on my mind about the future and how things will ultimately pan out at the end of this week……

Latte by the sea

Latte by the sea

I know one thing for sure: I drank a LOT of Dark Star Hop head on Saturday after a 19 mile cycle from Brighton to Partridge Green. It was an “organized” ride from Brighton to the Dark Star Brewery. We’ve been fortunate to have 3 glorious days of weather squeezed between loads of rain. I was happy to see the sun on Saturday for our bike ride. The beer was great, the bbq was amazing. And it was good to see a little bit of Brighton. We were able to ride a bit along the promenade. I learned that a 23kg Pashley is not a practical bike for cycling over the South Downs. I was happy that we weren’t going the other way over them as it seemed a lot steeper. I would have died. I ended up wussing out and walking a bit of one of the hills. Sista just isn’t used to cycling over hills. Thanks to my cycle partner who mildly put up with my slow cycling. Although I’m happy to report I wasn’t the slowest.

This was when we were slightly lost and teamed up with some other cyclists.

This was when we were slightly lost and teamed up with some other cyclists to find our way to the brewery.

Bike parking at the brewery

Bike nation UK style.

It was a great day at Dark Star, one of my favorite breweries here in the UK. I think I had 7 or 8 pints? I lost count. But it was balanced by overdosing on the best BBQ I’ve had since being here in the UK. I had ribs, a boar burger and a beef brisket roll. Plus slaw and a cupcake.I think that and a lot of water lead to me not being hungover on Sunday. Good work by me keeping at an even keel. Although when I think about having 8 pints in a day, it seems like too much. But so did the alcohol I had the Saturday before. Let’s be fair. It was too much. But somehow I’m ok. My liver is likely thinking something very different from my brain though.

Beer! And beer bike!

Beer! And beer bike!

Yup so lots of fun. Sunday and Monday haven’t been as fun. Someone left their St. John’s Wort at work on Friday. I’m going to blame that for all my over thinking and anxiety this weekend. I tried going out and being social yesterday, but failed miserably. I just sat there feeling out of place at the pub, thoughts thousands and thousands of miles away. Today was even worse. I just need to make up my mind about what the rest of the year holds for me. Whether I stay here or go and when that will happen. I’m not giving up on London. My heart just feels like it needs some familiarity again. Like friends and family who mean so much to me. The ones I’ve been kind of neglecting since living in England. It’s a hard thing either way, but not bad either way as well. Both good, but I don’t like having to decide between the two. Can we move London to the US of A and then everything could be fine?

Any ways, I’m going to try to rest my brain. Back to the grind tomorrow and it would be nice to actually get some sleep tonight unlike last night.

Hope all is well in your world! Peace.

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