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Woah, I have no idea where the last couple weeks have gone. It’s been a whirlwind of events, parties, gigs, drinking, tennis and work with little time for me to catch my breath. I’m trying to use my free time this weekend to catch up on all that’s been going on with life while I’ve been out living it. It’s noon and I had a decent night sleep, but I’m still struggling to keep my eyes open. It seems like all the weight of the last few weeks is finally getting off my shoulders. My mind is still not sure about being here. London though is throwing itself at me trying to get me to stay here long term. It’s doing things like making me look at stuff like this:

Shiny glass and steel London on the South Bank.

Shiny glass and steel London on the South Bank.

C’mon London. That’s not even fair. You know I can’t resist buildings and sun and stuff. You can’t even see the top of the Shard the sun is so lovely. And then this too?

The city!

The city!

Pretty nice. I was lucky enough to attend an awards ceremony at City Hall this week. The “living room” is an amazing venue and you can walk around outside around the perimeter of the building to have a look at London. I haven’t been in the London Bridge area of the city in the light in ages. It’s hard not to love London on evenings like this. Especially when you’re drinking free red wine.

Last week I turned the big 31. I had an excellent turn out for my birthday drinks at Euston Tap. Both co-workers and regular type friends. We had a few drinks there and then went to see Cold War Kids in concert up in Kentish Town. I had a great time, but the lighting and sound at the gig left something to be desired. We still did some shuffling and dancing. I would post photos, but I managed to not take any people photos that night. Only one of my half-eaten falafel wrap.



I know you all wanted to see it. Recently, I’ve been venturing into the world of falafel wraps pretty heavily. It’s a good world to be in. Come join me there if you’d like.

Also this week was Walk to Work week. Doesn’t that sound like a fun initiative. I thought so at least. It’s 10.6 miles cycling to work for me each way. And while I did think about walking to work, I passed it up. I did meet up with some co-workers and walk from Vauxhall train station to work. It was 3.5 miles to work from there. The morning was not the best in terms of how I felt (late night the previous night) but it was absolutely glorious out. I felt better after getting some fresh air and taking in the sites. It was a different bit of London than I normally see on my commute into work, so I very much liked it. You see a lot as a cyclist rather than a car driver, but walking makes you notice even more of the world around you. So I was able to appreciate a view like this on my way into work:

Victoria Tower Gardens on a sunny Thursday morning.

Victoria Tower Gardens on a sunny Thursday morning.

It’s no St. Margaret Mercy, but it’s not bad to look at when you’re on your way to work. So that was cool to do. I will stick to cycling to work, but I think one of these days I will actually do the whole walk to or from work. My friend and I are already thinking about doing it on some nice Summer day. Maybe stop for drinks and dinner on the way home.

Yesterday was a big day for my pub quiz team. We went out and blew our pub quiz winnings in one mighty crawl. There are 10 of us who regularly quiz together and over the last 6-7 months we have collected a mighty sum of money from wining. £600 in fact. Here we all are at the Railway, where we normally quiz these days.

Team Quiz on my _____

Team Quiz on my _____

So yeah, that’s a good meal out and a lot of booze for each person.We stayed local and went to all of our regular haunts. Plus went out for mexican. I was starting to become very intoxicated by dinner time. But I stuffed myself silly with food at the restaurant and could not contemplate consuming any more calories. Ok, ok, I had one more pint, but I was done after that. It was really for the best in the end. I wanted to be alive today and not laying in bed wishing I didn’t have so many shots. I’m just about 100%, though very sleepy over all. That’s a big victory for me considering the way I’ve felt the next morning after being out on the lash.

Here’s a very flattering picture of me towards the end of the night.

I don't need another, thank you.

I don’t need another, thank you.


Nice to catch up and see everyone out in one evening!

Nice to catch up and see everyone out in one evening!

So that’s that. I find out more about permanency of work this week. I made a much better case for keeping me around last week than I did previously. Thanks St. John’s Wort! You’re my new best friend! That’s the first step of many to being here long term. If that happens. If I want it to happen. Le sigh.

I’m out playing tennis today. I need to play as I’ve somehow signed up for 2 leagues and 4 different tournaments this summer not really thinking anything of it. That’s a lot of tennis to have to play and book into my schedule. I’m not sure my game is up to it nor my body. I hope to at least get some good wins under my belt.

All, have a good week. Stay positive. Have a good time. Get out and explore. Peace.



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5 thoughts on “Get busy living

  1. Eric Arndt

    ummmmm….That Felafel wrap doesn’t look so wrapped up? Sounds like you are enjoying life a bit more than you were a few months ago?? You better be, because sounds like you are living the dream to me!

    • ldnphile

      It was a halfway eaten falafel wrap with salad. I couldn’t pick it up to eat it. Always LTD’ing, just not always sure if it’s the right dream. 🙂

  2. Jnn

    Nice Dya throwback, with the St Margaret Mercy throwback.

    Happy belated birthday! I did, actually, remember it was your birthday, but did not bother to contact you to tell you that. What a good friend. Glad you had a good day!

    • ldnphile

      DYA 4 LYFE! Thanks for the birthday wishes. I remember yours too, but that doesn’t mean I say it to you either. 😉

  3. Happy Belated Birthdayyyyyyy! I had no idea! (usually facebook alerts me to these events)
    And super awesome job with your quiz team! That’s freaking awesome! You guys won like 1,294 American Dollars! That’s the correct conversion, right? Should have bought a group car! 😉

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