Flower boarder in Regents Park

Flower boarder in Regents Park

Thank f*** for spring. It’s here. Trees and flowers are in bloom. It’s mildly warm. And there has even been sun. Yes, Sun. Happy days. My hops plant is so happy with the turn in weather it’s grown more than 3 feet in less than two weeks. Hard to believe but true. I have photographic evidence to back me up. I’m looking forward to a lot of hop flowers come this September. I’m arranging to do a fresh hopped beer with my home brewing co-worker. Hop Trip UK edition? Yes please!

Hop-tacular hops.

Hop-tacular hops.

The weather has done much to improve my spirits after a tough winter of clouds. But I’m still struggling to with whether to stay here in London long term. If anything it’s become much more difficult in the last weeks. I’ve missed my friend Jill’s wedding back in Oregon. Really really gutting for me to have missed it. Like I ended up crying at two different pubs while out last Saturday. Two pubs. What a pillock. After a load of consolating hugs from my mates I felt a wee bit better. But it still threw into doubt my reasons for staying here long term. Worse it’s ever been. It’s hard to say if it’s just a funk or if it truly is a call by my heart to move back stateside. I don’t want to make a rash decision as once I leave that’s likely it for living abroad in my life. So I’m giving it 2 months. Two months to mull over and see how it is. Come July perhaps things will have significantly changed. I have a feeling they will have one way or another. And a decision will be clear. Stand by.

Until then, I will make the most of my time in London. Spend time with my lovely friends, work hard and learn as much as I can at my job, and continue my quest for smoking hot body fit. And by smoking hot body fit I mean try not to develop a beer belly.

This weekend is a bank holiday weekend. The weather is supposed to be pretty alright outside of the last 15 minutes when it was raining. Hopefully I can get my act together and go play some tennis in the late afternoon today. I have a match tomorrow and I haven’t picked up my racket in the last two weeks. Never a good formula for winning. Monday I will be heading to the land of Essex to go for a wander through Epping Forest. I’ve never been there and the trip is long overdue. I’m trying to get my co-workers to join me as well. This will probably lead to more tree photos being posted here.

Yesterday it was really nice and I was out working on my bicycle in Camden Town. I decided to cycle over to Regents Park via Regents Canal on my lunch break.

Regents Canal

Regents Canal

I’ve been running through Regents Park after work over the last few weeks. The park is absolutely huge. You don’t realize it until you’ve run around it thoroughly. And Queen Mary’s Gardens are beautiful. I’ve wanted to take a load of photos, but since I’m running I don’t have my camera. So this was finally a chance to snap a few photos while the cherry trees are still in bloom. And were they ever. So I leave you with some lovely photos of Regents Park. If you ever come to London, I recommend a wander through Regents Park and then down the canal. You won’t be disappointed.

Avenue of trees

Avenue of trees


Cherry Trees

Cherry Trees

Ok this is Camden Gardens not Regents Park but it's a nice little garden.

Ok this is Camden Gardens not Regents Park but it’s a nice little garden.

Have a nice weekend everyone. I hope the weather is nice enough for you to get out and explore.

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2 thoughts on “TFFS

  1. It makes me sad to think you may be leaving the LDN. I know it was something you really wanted for a long time. Having said that I totally understand your call to get home too. Obviously its the route I took. I like that you’re giving yourself time to decide. At least if you come home, you’ll always have the time you had there and that will never change! 🙂

  2. ldnphile

    Leaving London makes me sad too. But when I moved to England I thought I’d be here 2-3 years. Well I didn’t really know, but that’s the amount of time that felt right. It’s just now coming up to 2 years in London in a few weeks. It’s alright! At least I moved and did it rather than spending my life wondering if I could have lived here.
    The good news for you is that I’m totally moving back to the West Coast. Probably Oregon! Woot!

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