One sweet day

I went to Kew Gardens yesterday for a seminar. It’s still a novelty for me to go there for any reason. Like….it’s Kew. Kew Gardens. In London. And I can ride my bike there.

Awesome type.

The seminar, which was on the topic of arboretums, specifically one in Northern Ireland (I WILL GO THERE THIS YEAR) was very good. But it was nice of the organizers to finish at 4 so we had some time to wander around the gardens before it shut. And it was around 4 that the weather when from alright to really good.

The spring flowers are up. The magnolia trees are in bloom (just passed peak). And some of the trees are beginning to break bud and push some leaves out.

Awesome blossom

Awesome blossom

I love magnolias in bloom.

Did I mention magnolias are awesome in blossom?

Did I mention magnolias are awesome in blossom?

Yeah it was pretty nice out.

A lovely avenue of Quercus ilex (possibly a hybrid but I don't think so).

A lovely avenue of Quercus ilex (possibly a hybrid but I don’t think so).

It was nice out and then it got more nice.



I was so happy it was nice out, I jumped for joy in front of some Ponderosa Pines. I love Pondos. Tulip trees and Ponderosas often get impromptu hugs from me when I spot one. Cause just like me, they are making it in a foreign land. They’re like friends here from Indiana and Oregon respectively.

Jumping for joy!

Jumping for joy!

I need to go to sleep. It’s been a busy week of having to do random things (taxes, kew, dinner with friends, running to shoreditch) and I still haven’t recovered from Sunday’s mega bbq really. I felt like a slug on my 6 mile run and cycle home this evening. Still….I did it. Just got to power through shit cause it’s always worth it in the end.

Have a good weekend y’all. Peace and blessings.

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2 thoughts on “One sweet day

  1. Nice photos!

  2. 6 miles?! WTF you’re insane. I’m only up to 4!

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