Right on course

I need someone, like a man (preferably a nice, funny, decent looking young chap) to help me straighten my life plans out. I feel very very adrift. I’m fairly certain a significant other is the problem. 

Any takers? Any one?


*crickets. (yes even in winter)*

Yep. That’s what I suspected.


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2 thoughts on “Right on course

  1. Eric

    You don’t need a dumb guy to make you happy! And if that is the key, good chance it won’t happen if you are bummed out, it will happen a lot easier if you are projecting an outward appearance of happiness. That’s attractive. So get happy! 🙂 You have an awesome job and you are living in London…come on!

    • ldnphile

      Thank you for your uplifting and kind words. I am happy about what I have going over here. I would just like some love and companionship. I’m fretting because my beer budget has largely been eliminated which means I won’t be going out as much…even more. So it’s just a bit depressing and lonely. And I don’t know how many in depth conversations Piccadilly can take from me. She’s at her wit’s end.
      And cycling as much as I do, it’s hard to be le depressed for long. I worked in the woods this afternoon and scared some squirrels in a tree. I felt way better after that.

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