Going it alone

I was having quite a pleasant day today. We poked some holes in a tree at work in the sun and in a pretty fantastic DSC00008park in the North of London. No complaints. But coming home, thinking about the major life commitment I’m about to make for the next few years of my life, I’m feeling a bit bogged down. A bit lonely to be honest.

I’ll be working and living in London for the next few years if things go to plan. This is a bit of a unexpected turn of events. It’s really exciting and going to be a lot of learning and the best experience I could have at this point as far as trees are concerned. In short, it’s exactly what I wanted, but it still means I will be here. I’ll be sans family and American friends. And that’s not easy. At this point too, I’m feeling quite sad to be boyfriend-less. It’s always nice to have someone close to talk to and share experiences with day to day. I pictured things going differently in that part of my life at this point, but things didn’t come to fruition unfortunately. Apparently, that’s one bit of my life I can’t seem to straighten out or make work. London too is not a good place to be a single lady either. There’s always this statistic floating around (not sure if it’s bogus) that there are way more single women in London than men. That means I am competing with a lot of  ladies, who I imagine are prettier and more girly than me. The English boys seem to not be into tomboys here, much to my chagrin.

I think I need to go back to the states for a bit. Or I really need some people to come visit me. It would make me feel a lot better. Less disconnected from the US of A. Being here in England is excellent and I’ve made some wonderful friends. But sometimes you just want your old friends or family. Ones you’ve already experienced a bunch with and don’t have to explain your life story to. So if anyone wants to come visit, do so. Or alternatively, if anyone wants to buy me a ticket back to the US, I’ll take it.

On that note, I’m out. I’ve been reading Crime and Punishment for over a month now and I want to finish it. My cycling to work has completely eliminated my main reading time during the day. I guess a girl can’t have it all….. Ta ta friends.

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