Be Courageous

Oh buddy! What a find! I was attempting to look up something else on the internet this evening when a link to Road Trip Nation popped up in my address bar. I must have book market it years and years ago as I haven’t looked at it in ages. But nothing could have been more timely as I was thinking along the lines of Road Trip nation my whole cycle ride home. Really about the path I’ve been on in life and how others have chosen to make (or not make) their way. But this show Road Trip Nation is really fantastic. I watched it during college and post college late night in my bed back in Indiana on WTTW. From the show came one of my most favorite quotes of all time from an interview with Devorah Major, Poet Lauraete of San Francisco at the time (Click here if you want to hear it). I remember when I heard it  the hairs on the back of my head went up, as Oprah would say. The show inspired me to go on road trips and to explore and experience as much as I can. I think I’m doing ok still in regards to traveling, though things have slowed down a bit since moving to London. Any ways, back to the point of this post. I clicked on the bookmarked link to Road Trip nation and was happy to discover it’s still going and still producing great videos. This was the latest one:

How lovely is that? Dude is in the Lourve now. He very succinctly said what I was thinking about tonight. Although not so much the living in your Fiat with your dog part.

So I leave you with that. I’ve got some more studying to do tonight before my head hits the pillow. EDUCATION never ends. Peace.

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