Staying in bed

Today I’ve spent my time in bed. I’m not even remotely regretful of the decision. I had a bit of a late night on Friday. It was a leaving do for my colleague Tom at the Queen’s Head pub in Kings Cross area. They have always had Dark Star Hophead on cask, which is a tree section favorite. It’s a wonderfully hoppy, low alcohol session beer. There beer selection is always good along with a great whisky and rum selection. It’s a great little pub and well worth a visit. It’s always a treat to go there with my colleagues for drinks. Last night was no exception and I may have overindulged.

I felt a bit meh this morning after so many adult beverages, but I was able to make a pretty good recovery. But I made the very important decision to stay in bed all day and eat rubbish food regardless of feeling alright. After a hard week of cycling in insanely windy conditions and working outside as well, I thought I deserved to rest my legs. They are very sore even though I haven’t cycled in two days. I’ll get out tomorrow and play some tennis if some courts are available. I’m really happy to be toning up so quickly and feeling well physically yet again.

You may have noticed a change in layout. Good? Not good? I don’t know what’s happening with the right column. It’s hiding at the bottom of the page. I will try and sort that out.

Any who, I’m going back to watching the Fulham v. Man United match. It’s a good’n. Have a good weekend, folks.

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