Love and death

Maybe it’s my tiredness from over exertion of cycling into the wind this week, but my heart hurts. From love. Not from like working too hard. In the physical sense, it’s probably in pretty good shape. Emotionally, not as good. And it’s made me a bit bitter tonight. I’m finding it difficult to come to terms with the realization that some people in my life don’t love me as much as I thought they did. Or that I in fact love them more than they do (or maybe ever did) me. Maybe they’ve got a different idea of what Love is than me. Any who, I’m a bit le blah.

In other, more exciting news, you may have noticed the photo of the mouse below. That’s the mouse Piccadilly killed like an absolute BOSS this morning. I think it’s her first kill of a mouse. At least indoors. I didn’t let her eat it, which she’s a bit fussed about. I gave her speacial treat food as a reward. She accepted it, but with a bit of spite. Now she’s got a certain amount of swagger in her step, the likes of which I have not seen before. I don’t blame her. It was a good catch of the mouse.

Any ways, I need sleep. Badly. So I’m outta here. TTYL!

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5 thoughts on “Love and death

  1. Jennie

    I’ve been there, Col, and it hurts. I’m sorry, friend. That’s a hard one 😦

    But great kill, Picadilly!

    • ldnphile

      Thanks, Jnn. How are you?

      Dilly is a champ! She’s still gloating about it.

      • Jennie

        We’re all doing fab. Older boy is about to be 7, just received his 1st grade report card- sporting all As. He reads like a champ. Little one is 4.5, and also reads like a champ. Couldn’t be any freakin prouder.

  2. sIRK

    OMG, I love you, get over it. Also, stand by for a love parcel headed your way, I was sending it even before I read this desperate cry for help. And, you misspelled special.

    • ldnphile

      I love Love parcels. I haven’t received one in ages. Well unless you count the box of feet and hand warmers I received from Mother this morning. I guess keeping me warm could be considered love.

      I’m glad you’re finally admitting to loving me. I feel better. I love you too. Now what English thing do you want for your birthday?

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