Festive Christmas

The Ferrers was surprisingly packed on Christmas day,  mostly with people I’ve never seen. But a few of us regulars (quizzers) showed up for a few festive drinks. Since it was only open for 2 hours we shoved as much drink down the gullet as possible. 3 pints of Thatchers Heritage did me in. Yikes. I wasn’t the only one. But for me, it put me off the sauce the rest of the day, which was probably the most sensible after previous Christmas day drinking incidents. We wouldn’t want to repeat that as funny as it is now. Well, I say it’s funny but I’m still fucking suffering sinus related issues from that incident 2 years on. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. 

Drink as much as possible in the shortest amount of time!

Any whoAfter a quick respite at home and a phone call from sIRK I joined the rest of my friends at a house party. We had a lovely time wearing Christmas crowns and having some Christmas shisha. Nothing can be a better celebration of Jesus’s birthday than a hookah session with friends. I bet Jesus smoked shisha in his day. God be praised.

The weather is complete shit here in London.It’s been bucketing down the last few days and sucked the desire out of me to do anything but stay indoors. This Boxing Day is no different. Luckily I’ve got some football to keep me busy. Kickoff of the Fulham/Southampton game is immenent and I must attend to it asap. And when that’s over, I’ve got a cat to pet and generally terrorize.  Busy times here.

Hopefully you’ve all had a nice Christmas. I’ll get some posts in this weekend to wrap up the year and look forward to 2013. That’s all from rainy London town today. Peace and love. 


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