Since my last few posts, my mental health has improved. My ship has sailed out of the doldrums and things are on the up and up. I’m happy that these low spots only tend to last 7-10 days and I snap out of it quite suddenly. The same problems still hang over my head but I feel more capable of dealing with them and not let them dominate my life. So just in time for the holidays, my spirits are high. Let’s hope it stays this way for a while.

Sunset behind BT Tower

I’ve got a lot to be happy for this Christmas. I’m back at work at my old job in Camden. All

the stress I was feeling regarding work has dissipated. I’ve gone to being the one in charge to being the lowest on the food chain. There is something comforting knowing you’re not making the big decisions and only being a minion, so that’s part of the stress relieved. There was a lot at my old place at work causing me unneeded stress and it’s so nice not feeling my blood pressure rising to unhealthy levels after a phone call or a conversation. My job now feels more meaningful, as if I’m actually working towards something that has a lasting effect. It’s cool to think the trees I’m going to be helping put in the ground will hopefully be there making a street a bit more lovely for years and years to come.  Oh and it’s just nice being back working in center of London once again. I missed being in the middle of the action. And there are now 2 places that I can get burritos just around the corner from where I’m working. Result.

I managed to cycle 3 days last week and already I feel like I’ve become more fit. I cycled both to and from work in really good time, so I was in better shape from gardening than I realized. This week I will most likely be cycling in 4 days, so I hope by the time new years

A felled tree. A delicious, chocolatey felled tree!

A felled tree. A delicious, chocolatey felled tree!

rolls around I will have lost a couple pounds of fat (if I can stay away from the mince pies (doubt it)) and put on some muscle. Maybe, just maybe, then some guy will find me attractive and fit enough to date. I won’t hold my breath though seeing how most of 2012 has gone. Depressing.

Besides being back to work this past week, I went to a work related party on Thursday. It was a really good time to see some colleagues from other boroughs. And then there was the dancing. It’s been so long since I’ve danced in public AND had a guy actually dance with me as well. He did it willingly too if you can believe it. The drinks were cheap so I probably looked ok to dance with beer goggles on. On Saturday I watched the Cottagers lose to the Hoops at Loftus Road. That was crap. But the night ended up ok as I got an amazing Christmas sweater and went to my friend’s Christmas party. The mulled wine and snacks were nice. I would show you a picture of my Christmas sweater, but I want to wear it over the next week and a half and I don’t want to ruin the surprise for people. Once Christmas hits, I’ll show some photos.

This week I’ll be trying to get some Christmas cards out to some people. I’m running a bit

I can't stomach another loss, Fulham.

I can’t stomach another loss, Fulham.

behind schedule seeing as I was unable to concentrate on much for a few weeks prior. With any luck, they’ll all be sent by Friday. Perhaps you’ll just be lucky enough to get one…

That’s about it from London town. I need more phone calls. People, call me. Cheers. Have a  nice week everyone.

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