Cycling is my favorite!

I cycled to work today. Ambitious for a Monday, I know. But I need to get my cycling muscles back at least a little bit. They’ve been on holiday far too long. I’m thinking if I can cycle to work 2 times a week I’ll be decently fit.  

It is remarkable though how different my mood is at work all day when I cycle. Happier, more smiley, more laughy. And probably most importantly, more dancey. Also, it’s a nice time to think. 

I can’t recommend it enough. My cycle commute is about 10.5 miles each way with a couple of hills in there. It’s tough going, but the rewards are more than enough to keep me doing it. And for some perverse reason, I like cycle commuting in the winter more than in the summer. A lot less sweat and a lot less other cyclists clogging up the road. 

ImageIf I ever find some guy in the future who loves me, I think he’s going to have to be a cyclist as well. It might be a deal breaker if he isn’t. 

Until then, I’ll just keep solo cycling. Enjoying the non-stop action on the streets of London from the comfort of a two wheeled green machine.

I must be off though. It’s Guy Fawkes night and I think Piccadilly is freaked out a bit as she’s sitting by the foot of my chair looking nervous. I must give her some mothering. Ta ta, friends.

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