Soul Serenade

I know this will sound silly. And you can judge me as much as you’d like because I do believe I deserve it. But I’ve

Who doesn’t love a picture of light filtering through trees?

never really been that into Aretha Franklin. Of course I know her records like any good God fearing American does. But I’ve often passed them over for someone else’s music. Until this morning.

For some reason, I decided that 4:57 AM was the time to get up on a very blustery, rainy Sunday morning in November in London. This is a major concern for me as I’m only just 30. If I’m getting up at this time as a 30 year old, what time will I get up when I’m 70? It frightens me to think about it. But I like that time of morning. Especially when I have nothing planned for the day. It’s quiet and calm and when I feel the most relaxed out of anytime during the week. And in this time I always like to seek out some music to suit my mood. After having a scrounge for classic R&B and Soul music on the old iTunes, I got to some Aretha. I had a listen to some of her tracks from “I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You.” And being a bit lost in the love department as of late, I found her record reaching out to me begging to be played all morning. Maybe it’s what I need to solve my love problems. Or maybe it’ll just make my ears happy. At this point, I’ll settle for that. And so far it’s working out. It’s a pretty fantastic album. The song Soul Serenade is my favorite so far.

Besides delving in to the catalog of Aretha Franklin, there’s so much and so little to say about life at the moment. After feeling down and unsure and unhappy with the way things were going for a few months, I’ve taken it on. I’m embracing the uncertainty. Uncertainty with where I’m living, where I’m working and all the people I love (or might be interested in loving). My plan is just to pursue anything and everything that comes my way. Well, nearly. I don’t want to spread myself too thin. But I’m open to the possibilities of life. It feels pretty good and more the way life should be lived. I recently explained to someone that I liked to have a plan. And for a change in my life, I’m living without a plan. It’s so liberating and heady. I think I’ll keep on this path of living for a while.

So  the days are getting ever so short here in London. It comes on so quickly. Even with the clocks going back last weekend, it seems as though the day light is still taking it’s time to arrive in the mornings. My work is slowing down to some extent. I should say morphing into a different kind of work than it has been for the last 6 months. We’ll be busy with leaves and doing all the little projects we never had time for in the summer like moving plants around the site. It should be an alright winter of work. Plus I have my horticulture classes to keep my mind ticking over. I hope to have one portion of my qualifications done in February and hopefully the other two bits done in June. And maybe after that, move on to the next qualification and become a horticultural superhero.

Besides that, just going to the football, sometimes going to the pub (except I’m teetotaling at the moment), reading a lot and sometimes riding my bike. That’s it. Really though, that sounds like a pretty good life. So I will leave on that good, positive note. I will however leave you with a picture of the back of my head. My hair is finally long enough to have a decent pony tail. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a proper pony tail! Have a good week folks and take care.

I’m basically Rapunzel.

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2 thoughts on “Soul Serenade

  1. kelly

    Sweet sweatshirt! =)

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