Letting it all go

Sometimes I think I may be a bit too mentally unstable. Maybe I should get medicated. You know. Go see a doctor. Get on some anti-depressants. But for me I feel like in this age of hyper-gratification that it’s just another easy out. A way not to deal with what life really feels like. I don’t want to be dulled.

I want to feel it all. All the good and all the really bad.

I normally don’t feel that great. Never satisfied. Never settled with what I have. Disappointed with the way people act. Disappointed with the way I act. Living in a land that’s not the present.

That’s rather shit, isn’t it? To live a life in the down side. I do my best to not do that, but it’s just the way I’m inclined. But when I get those moments of amazing. Of great. Of just plain good, I cherish them. And I think yeah, it’s all worth it. This path I’ve forged myself is quite alright. And I slog on.

Right now I’d say I’m on an up cycle. I have to be after hitting a low spot a couple weeks ago. So I’m all for letting go of it all. Forgetting the stupid shit. And making the best of situations in life.

So tonight, I’m letting it all go. I’m being as present as I possibly can. Going with my instincts. Going with what I feel is right in this moment. Cause I haven’t been on that path in a bit. So I’m trying to reach out. To stay in this positive up cycle. And it feels good to be doing so.

And that’s all I’ve got to offer you on this cloudy/foggy night here in London town. I hope you’re all staying positive as well. Also happy 6th birthday to Piccadilly, the best cat on the planet!


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