Photos of Andalucia Part 4

Hi. This will be my last post of pictures from Spain. These are from Seville and El Torcal de Antequera. Driving from Granada to Seville, I stopped off at El Torcal for a bit of nature. My hostel host guy in Malaga told me to check it out if I liked rocks and stuff. And I certainly do like rocks and stuff. The place didn’t disappoint as you soon will see. On my way there the fog was heavy and I thought I might not get to see as much as I could. Shortly after arriving at the visitors center, the fog broke up and I was treated to some pretty spectacular views. At some points you could even see all the way to the Mediterranean Sea, which was probably at least 50-60 miles away. Plus I got there early so I was the only one out hiking on the long “difficult” trail. It was grand.

After that I continued my journey to Seville where I struggled to figure out where the hell to park my car and where the hell my hostel was. It ended up taking a couple of hours to sort these things out, but in the end I successfully did both. Seville, the capital of Andalucia was much more urban than Granada and Malaga. It kind of eased my return to London. I was also staying in a room with another Londoner and we ended up hanging out for the two days I was there. It was nice to be able to talk to someone in English about everything that I was seeing. Any ways, on to the pics!

El Torcal. The rock formations reminded me a bit of Joshua Tree although the surroundings were much more verdant.


Check out that weathering!


The signs at the beginning of the hike said if you were really lucky, you’d see some goats. Since I was the first on the trail that day, I saw 3 different groups of goats which was pretty spectacular. I love goats.


This is inside the Royal Alcazar in Seville. The building is still a Royal residence in Spain and a UNESCO heritage site.


Part of the grounds at Royal Alcazar. The gardens were huge and divided into several design aesthetics. I liked them all of course. Also, this is the point when it started raining on my trip.


View from the Giralda, the bell tower of Seville Cathedral. The cathedral is huge (biggest cathedral in the world), but not as ornately decorated as others I’ve been to. But the view from the bell tower, which used to be a minaret, made it well worth the visit.


My travel mate Luke a bit blurry and frustrated at trying to find our way back to the hostel after a night out. Our map completely fell apart and every street looked the same. This was a problem the whole time I was in Seville.


The cured pig legs hanging over the bar. Complete with drip catching cups. Yummmm.


My favorite meal of the trip. Iberian meat plate and bruschetta. So simple but so wonderfully done. Topped off with a couple glasses of rioja. All at the best bar I went to on the trip with some good conversation. No better way to spend the last night in Spain.


I had a few hours before I had to return the car to the airport. So I parked at this beach on Costa del Sol. I had a bit of a snooze and watched the storm roll in. Andalucia experienced some really severe flooding as I left and the few days afterwards. I timed that just right!

So that’s it for pictures of Spain. If you want to see more, you’ll just have to come see me. Cheers.

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